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Five must-have gizmos for your kitchen

They say too many cooks spoil the broth but when it comes to gadgets in the kitchen, the more the merrier. That said, here is our list of five tech toys no self-respecting cook-room should do without.


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Considered the easiest way to clean your dishes, a dishwasher is a good investment. Take Faber’s semi integrated dishwasher for instance. Features include, a foldable bottom rack, an adjustable upper and third layer cutlery basket. As for tech specs, it has a special sensor that sets the wash cycle in accordance with the soil level of the crockery, delayed start option where the wash cycle can be delayed to make use of the most convenient time as per the consumer, and dual zone wash function that allow the user to use either lower or upper basket when there are less utensils are (this save consumption of water, time and energy).

PRICE: Rs 10,000 upwards


Healthy eating are not only the buzz words of last season; the trend has only garnered more attention. Enter slow juicers. The reason for their growing popularity is the fact that unlike normal juicers these produce next to no heat and so retain all the nutrients of the vegetable or fruit. Regular the juicers use centrifugal force to extract the juice and the extreme heat generated destroys the essential enzymes. The heat also results in oxidation and reducing the nutritional value. On the other hand, slow juicers first crush and then press the fruit to extract maximum amount of juice. Since there is very little heat generated, the nutrient levels stay intact. This is why TTK Prestige’s latest offering is a slow juicer called PSJ 2.0. It comes with a powerful motor which easily separates seeds from juice providing maximum extraction.

PRICE Rs 12,699


It goes without saying that a refrigerator is a top-priority gadget in the kitchen. But like all things they too have evolved from being the small cubbyholes to smart and innovative cooling machines. Haier’s latest eight-in-one convertible bottom mounted refrigerators (BMR) caught our eye. BMR implies that the freezer and fridge are interchangeable. Haier says that this conversion can happen within a time span of 50 minutes. Their premium models come with additional features such as twin inverter technology which automatically adjusts the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator.

PRICE Rs 31,050 to Rs 40,150


Ask anyone, anywhere, safety comes first. In India that hold especially true for drinking water. The country went from boiling water to loving filters to finally inventing water purifiers. But then they didn’t stop there, today they work in tandem with the internet. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Dr Aquaguard TM Intelligenz by Eureka Forbes. It is a WiFi enabled purifier that senses, monitors, alerts, responds and troubleshoots. Through the Dr Aquaguard Intelligenz app on smart devices the purifier can be controlled and managed from anywhere. The purifier also senses the quality of the water and chooses the optimum purification technology RO+UV or UF+UV.

PRICE Rs 29,999


Breakfasts are incomplete without the perfect toast. No kitchen should be without a toaster no matter what shape of size it comes in. Opt for the yellow toaster from Morphy Richards if you want the gadget to jazz up you space besides giving you a good toast with several browning options. We also like the Havells Toastino 4 slice grill and BBQ that has a timer setting and adjustable thermostat which ensures perfect results every time. Equipped with 2,000W heating to let the grill plate quickly heat up, it also has an adjustable temperature knob.

PRICE Rs 4,950

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