Samsung foldable phone: 10 things you should know

Samsung foldable phone 6

Last week saw Samsung unveiling its foldable phone at its developer conference. We did get a first look at the much talked about device and now we know for sure that it’s real, but then, the technology giant has revealed very limited information about it.

We would have to wait for future updates from the company to know more, but as of now, we have pulled together all the information we could to list down everything that you should know about Samsung’s foldable phone. Check out our list now:

1What is a foldable phone?

According to Samsung, it’s foldable phone is a device that looks like a tablet when fully opened and acts like a phone when folded inwards from the centre. The newly unveiled device by Samsung comes with a cellular connection. It is worth noticing that Royole’s FlexPai, which is also a foldable device, has an outward folding display, unlike Samsung’s which folds inwards.