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11 things to do to stop your smartphone from overheating

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A lot of smartphone users complain about their devices getting overheated. The reasons for this can be many, depending upon which, the solutions can vary too. Here, we list down some quick fixes that you can try if your smartphone often gets overheated too.

Don’t put your smartphone in the direct sunlight

overheating smartphone

By this, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t use your smartphone in sunlight at all. Just make sure that you don’t keep it outdoors for too long in the sun as that can directly lead to overheating of your device.

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Take breaks while playing games

Gaming is one among the top reasons that can lead to overheating in a smartphone. If you play games with heavy graphics like PUBG Mobile, make sure you take breaks while doing so and don’t leave the app running in the background once you are done.

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Change the charging cable

charging cable

Overheating of your smartphone can also be caused because of an issue with your charging cable. If this indeed is the case, changing the charging cable may solve the overheating issue for you.

Avoid shooting long videos


Another very major reason behind overheating of your smartphone can be using the camera app of your device to take long-form videos. If you feel your smartphone begins heating up whenever you shoot videos from it, avoid doing that altogether.

Install an anti-virus app on your smartphone


Another major reason behind your smartphone overheating can be malware. To make sure that your Android smartphone is malware-free, install an anti-virus app from Play Store.

Charge your smartphone’s battery to only 80%

smartphone battery

It has been claimed by various platforms that you shouldn’t charge your smartphone to 100%. Doing this not only shortens the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery, but your device is more likely to overheat when it is fully charged. Ideally, you should put it on charging when you have only 30% battery left and should unplug the charger once you get to 80%.

Close the apps and Chrome tabs that are not in use

apps (10)

If you have multiple apps and Chrome tabs open in your smartphone, they will make your device work overtime. This not only drains the battery of your smartphone but can also make it heat up. So get into the habit of closing all the unused apps and Chrome tabs on your device.

Update your smartphone regularly

apps (11)

Smartphones can sometimes overheat because of a software issue. However, when this happens, companies usually roll out a fix to the issue as a part of another update. Installing it will stop your smartphone from overheating.

Remove any apps or functions that you don’t use

apps (8)

If there are any apps in your smartphone that you don’t use, you must install them. Other than this, you can turn off notifications and disable sharing of location from various apps. All of these put together can contribute to making your smartphone overheat.

Put your device on airplane mode when it’s not in use

airplane mode

If you have a plan where you know you wouldn’t be required to use your smartphone for a long time, put your device on the airplane mode in such a case. This will help you save battery, and at the same time, keep your smartphone from overheating.

Switch off the Bluetooth when not required

When you are not using Bluetooth, make sure it is switched off on your device. It may sound trivial, buy leaving Bluetooth on can make your smartphone heat up a lot. If your smartphone auto-connects via Bluetooth to any of your other devices, switch off the auto-pairing too. It may be a little inconvenient, but it will enhance the health of your device.

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