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5 hidden features of Google maps you should know of on Android smartphones

Google Maps can do much more than you think. Here are some lesser-known tips and tricks.

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Google Maps has made significant progress over the years changing the way we navigate the world. In our day-to-day life, it helps us reach our destination on time evading traffic delays and blockages. This has made Google Maps one of the most regarded apps in our Android smartphones. But you need to know some tricks to enhance the utlisation of Google Maps.  Here are some lesser-known tricks of Google Maps that we love to use, almost regularly.

1) Save your parking location

Sometimes we tend to forget where we have parked our vehicle particularly in large parking areas like malls, and new places. Google Maps can obtain your parked vehicles. To save your vehicle parking location, just tap the blue dot followed by clicking ‘Save your parking’. This would generate a label on the map recognizing where the vehicle is parked. To activate the parking reminder, swipe on the label once you save your parking location to begin the parking card and attach the details regarding your parking. You can even share your parking location with your friends and family.

Save your parking location
Save your parking location

2) Navigate for multiple destinations

Google Maps allows navigation to multiple destinations. This feature is useful when you have to visit places successively. For instance, you might first want to go back home and then visit a grocery store. You can add multiple stops in the Maps and drive efficiently. You just need to search for your final destination and select the three dots and then ‘Add stop’ to add the desired place as your destination. Google Maps allows you to add up to 9 stops and rearrange them according to the route.

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3) Save Your Home and Work addresses

Traversing from your home to your workplace is a daily task. There are several advantages of setting up your home and work addresses on Google Maps. You don’t need to find and set the destination every time you begin your journey. You just have to say, “OK Google, navigate to home”. To set your home and workplace, follow these steps.

  • Open Google Maps
  • Select the hamburger icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select Your Places. You’ll see two entries, ‘Home and ‘Work’.
  • Fill in the respective addresses in two fields.
Save Your Home and Work addresses
Save Your Home and Work addresses

4) Use voice commands while driving

Using your smartphone while driving is risky. It is way easier to speak than to type while traveling. Google Maps accepts voice commands via speech. Here are a few voice commands that you can try.

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  • Mute: Mutes voice guide
  • Show traffic: Displays the traffic on the route
  • Navigate Home: Navigates to your Home address
  • Show my ETA – Displays the estimated time left to reach your destination.
Use voice commands while driving
Use voice commands while driving

5) Make Maps Available Offline

Google Maps allows you to download an area from Google maps for offline use. Once saved in your smartphone, you can use the map like using online, including seeking locations and navigation. This is exceptionally handy when you are going to the mountains or places where the mobile network connectivity is low or not there. Just see the route first in a good network zone and download the map for future use. You can follow these steps.

  • Open the Google Maps
  • Long press the region you want to download.
  • When a red pin appears with a pull-up menu below, Swipe up and select Download’.
  • You can resize and move the area to be downloaded. Once sure, press Download’.
Make Maps Available Offline
Make Maps Available Offline

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