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8 Most Useful Tips for New PC Gamers 2022

Try these tips and tricks if you are a new PC gamer.

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PC Gaming offers more exposure and enhances your in-game experience. You can enjoy better graphics and functionalities from your software, hardware, and other accessories. So, starting the journey right now is the best decision you made.

But then, you must do the right things to make the most out of PC gaming. Your setup and accessories plus gaming platforms should all be the right ones. As we progress in this article, we will share some right things you must do to play better on PC. Also, visit to grab more tools necessary for the journey.

PC Gaming Tips for Beginners

1.    Get your tools ready and working

The kind of PC you use can make or mar your experience. Will you buy the expensive gaming-specific PC, or will you build one yourself? The former option is faster and more efficient, but the latter means more customization. If you want to build your rig, focus on the CPU and Motherboard. Get the right casing and then buy a minimum of 500 GB for the OS. Get an SSD instead of an HDD. Even though the latter is cheaper, the former offers more performance. For the monitor, at least 1080P and above is best. The RAM size should be a minimum of 8 GB, and 16 GB is even better.

2.    Don’t compromise on peripherals

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For the best PC gaming experience, don’t manage or rely on low-budget peripherals. The first important one is a mechanical keyboard. This is to ensure low actuation and responsive keys as you play. For the mouse, get the brand with programmable buttons and for that fast response to every click, get a DPI mouse you can adjust easily. Don’t forget that your chair must allow you to adjust its height. Also, it must come with 4D armrests and a tilt function.

3.    Set up your audio rightly

For an immersive gaming experience, build a good audio system. All you need is a good headset or microphone setup. While the former is efficient for in-game sounds and communication, a game streamer should consider going for the latter. To fix everything rightly, experts use boom arm, external speak, pop filter, and even Stream Deck. All these accessories will make a difference in your gaming.

4.    Get an uninterrupted network

This is compulsory if you’re into online gaming because you must communicate in real-time with your team. So your router must offer Wi-Fi 6 and your network card must match the router. But if you can’t achieve great Wi-Fi connectivity, consider using the Ethernet connection. But make sure you achieve a 5GHz connection to achieve a smooth ride.

5.    Go to the right platform

There are many platforms out there to get all your PC games easily. We have Ubisoft Connect, Epic Store, Steam, GOG Galaxy, etc. But many people love Steam because there isn’t any game you can’t find on that platform. You can build relationships on the platform easily. Another amazing thing is the refunds you get when the game you bought there didn’t work. But for other communities, Reddit is also a great place to be.

6.    Don’t forget the software

The main software you shouldn’t forget is the monitoring app for that powerful PC. Why do you need one? You need to keep the PC up to par and ensure that it works anytime you want to play games. The app will tell you when it is overheating or when it is slow due to a virus or anything else.

7.    Keep dirt away from your devices

All your accessories need cleaning from time to time. If the hardware and software are left alone, they’ll malfunction. So, always install the latest updates and clean the hardware always. For instance, your keyboard must be free from dust and the PC itself must be dusted at least once a month.

8.    Health matters while gaming

PC gaming can be so exciting you forget your health. Make sure you’re always hydrated by keeping water and drinking it while playing. Also, stand up once in a while and walk around. Don’t sit for too long on your chair, and don’t play until your head seems to pound. Take things gradually and take care of your health too.


The 8 tips above will help you to enjoy the new world of PC gaming. If you are confused about where to start, first get the tools ready and proceed to other things. If you have money, grab the best gears. But if you don’t, upgrade the ones you have already. But note, that good gaming gear also affects your performance.

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