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Best 9 ways to fix cannot install or update YouTube on Android

Unable to install or update YouTube on your Android device? Here are some top fixes you try to fix this problem.

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YouTube is a vast ecosystem and a big platform that consists of an endless library of content creators and content to consume. With such a huge user base increasing day by day the applications are getting better and updates are released at a decent speed by Google. Few Android users might have faced a problem during the update or they might be unable to download YouTube on their Android smartphone. Are you facing such an issue? Here are the top fixes for you.

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Restart your Android smartphone

Most of the problems are resolved with a simple restart of the smartphone. Restarting eliminates minor temporary bugs and issues. The smartphone’s internal settings as well as the application temporary cache gets cleared off giving them a fresh start. Try installing or updating Youtube after a good restart and see if it works for you. If not, worry not, this is just a start there are more methods you can try.

  • Switch to Wi-Fi

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Switch to Wi-Fi

By default, the Google Playstore is set to download and update applications over Wi-Fi only. Check the Google Play setting to verify it and the best way to cross-check is to connect the smartphone to a stable Wi-Fi connection. If Wi-Fi is not available, try using a hotspot from another device. Try updating and downloading the application and see if it works for you.  

  • Check Internet

Check Internet to fix youtube on android

A major reason why your applications are not updating is that there is a good chance that your smartphone does not have a strong internet connection once you check that the phone is connected to WiFi checking that the speed is optimum is the next way to go. Open to check if you are getting decent speeds.

  • Switch to Airplane mode

Switch to Airplane mode

If there is any issue related to your mobile internet service provider and network setting switching to Airplane mode will fix these issues. By doing so it will connect to the strong network connection or telecom tower which is nearest to you. To do so drag down the notification panel and tap on Airplane mode, wait for 4-5 seconds and turn it back on to see if the issue persists.

  • Check Storage

Check Storage to fix youtube issue on Android

Head to setting and go to storage, see that there is an ample amount of storage available on your device. Storage problems can cause update issues as well so it is always advisable to keep at least 1GB of free storage on board in even worst-case scenarios. Also, if you are using an SD card as external storage, try removing it and interesting it back to check if the application is able to install or update.

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  • Clear cache and data

Clear cache to fix youtube issue on android

Bad can be a major reason why the application on your smartphone is not updating or a particular application is not installed. For the updating matter, the reason can be from both the application and Google Playstore. For installation issues, the main reason will be from Google Playstore. For both cases, the procedure is the same. Hold the application to discover app info tap it to find the application setting. Head to storage and clear cache and data from there.

  • Check for system updates

Software update on Android

If the version of the operating system on your Android is incapable of the current version of YouTube the application will fail to update and create issues. It’s always advised to run the latest update of the operating system on your device as they also release a security patch along with the update which is required and is essential for your system safety. Head to setting>about phone> check for updates (This setting may differ on all the systems, search for updates in settings to find similar results).

  • Reinstall the application

Reinstall Youtube to fix problem in Android

Another reason why the application miss behaves is bad files stored or a buggy update. The only way to fix the issue is to uninstall the application and reinstall it. After you reinstall the application will start fresh and also an updated version will have potential bug fixes. Hold the application and uninstall the application. Head to Google Playstore and download the YouTube application again.

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  • Try YouTube Go

Try youtube Go instead of normal youtube

If none of the options works for you, consider trying YouTube Go. The application is exactly like YouTube, just a lighter version of the same that consumes less data, RAM and other resources. Moreover, the application will even run with a low internet connection and speed too.

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