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How to fix the bad signal strength of Android and iPhones

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In this modern era, we are bound by our smartphones like kites are connected to threads. The smartphones that we use today have many uses and it is like a number of devices put into one. The creation of smartphones is one of the most important events in recent history, much like the discovery of the Internet. Although smartphones today can do many things but the main purpose of a ‘smartphone’ is to make and receive calls. And sometimes it is frustrating when handsets can’t do this because of problems in the cellular network or data connection.

Your smartphone has to do lots to keep the network connected wherever you go, but sometimes it fails to do so. It can be one of many issues the smartphones face which could lead to the network loss. Here we are sharing few tips and steps which you can follow to keep your smartphone always connected so that you don’t get disconnected to the network.

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For Android users, here are some of the things to keep in mind to stay connected:

  1. The Android users of smartphone can always swipe down from their screen to toggle the ‘Quick Settings’ panel. Once there, they can tap the ‘Airplane Mode’ to disconnect themselves completely from network. Once this is done, they can wait for a few seconds before they tap on the Airplane Mode again to take their smartphones back on networks.
  2. The user can also restart their Android phones to restart and reset the network itself. For that, they would need to hold the Power button, the user will be given few options, they would need to tap on ‘Restart’ to restart their devices.
  3. If the abovementioned troubleshooting option doesn’t work, the user can remove the SIM cards from their smartphones. Then they can check if the SIM is damaged or not, once it is done, they can re-insert the SIM cards back to their slots in the right way and restart their devices once again.
  4. The user can also reset their network settings from the Settings menu. For that, they would need to go to Settings, then tap on General and then choose the option of Reset. Once they do this, they would be given the option to Reset Network Settings. They can tap on it to reset the network altogether.
  5. The last option is to connect the Carrier or the Telecom company whose SIM card the user owns. He can state his problem and follow the guidance of the operator. If everything goes well, the network should be back on the user’s smartphone.

For the iPhone users, the troubleshooting options to stay connected with network are as follows:

  1. The first thing the user can do is to Open the Control Center. If you have a smartphone from iPhone X-series, you can swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. Older iPhone model users can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get to the Control Center. Once it is open, they can tap on the Airplane Mode and after a few seconds, the users can turn it off again to put the iPhone back on the network.
  2. Users can also restart their iPhones. For that, they would need to press and hold the Home button of the iPhone until the Power Slider is displayed. They can turn the device off and on again to restart the network back again.
  3. The users can also visit the Apple’s support page for the troubleshooting options.
  4. Other than that, the users of the iPhones can also update their devices. For that, they will need to go to the Settings then tap on General and then to About. If the update is available for their iPhones, they can choose to download and update their iPhones.
  5. Similar to the Android users, the iPhone users can also reset their Network settings.
  6. But if all the above doesn’t work, they can connect with their Telecom companies and Carriers to talk to them and update them about their problems.

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