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Best Voice Messaging Apps in 2023

These apps give special attention to voice messaging and voice notes.

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Most Instant Messaging apps these days offer all the communication features you need. You can share images, texts, & locations, and even make payments on some IM apps. One of the underrated features of instant messaging is the ability to send voice notes or voice messages. Voice messaging comes in clutch when you are driving or occupied with some other task that keeps you from texting. While it may seem like a standard feature, every app has its own unique spin on voice notes. In this article, we bring you the best voice messaging apps in 2023.

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Voice notes can now be recorded and shared via status on WhatsApp: Report

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There is a reason why WhatsApp is the preferred messaging app among Android users. The messaging platform is the be-all and end-all of instant messaging for Android users. From video calls to personal emojis – WhatsApp has it all. Voice messaging wasn’t a part of the app when it first launch, but was later added as the app grew in popularity and tried to beat its competition at every turn. Now that voice messaging has been on the platform for a while, WhatsApp has perfected it entirely.

To begin with, you can listen to voice messages on WhatsApp even when you minimise the app and return to the home screen. This isn’t a common feature in other apps and severely limits your phone’s functionality while playing voice notes. Another helpful feature offered by WhatsApp is switching the audio from the main speaker to the earpiece speaker as soon as you bring the phone closer to your ear. This makes it convenient to listen to your voice notes when you’re out in public.

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Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

If you’re looking for an app that prioritises voice communication over everything else, you should consider downloading Voxer. With Push-to-Talk integrated into the app, Voxer essentially gives you the Walkie-Talkie experience. You can either have a live chat with someone or simply leave a voice message for them to listen to later. 

All voice messages on Voxer are end-to-end encrypted, making it the first walkie-talkie app to offer that feature. Apart from voice messaging, Voxer also allows you to send multimedia and create groups within the app.



Line is one of the most versatile messaging apps around, offering all the features of a regular messaging app along with features like public profiles, payments and more. You can easily get on a voice call with a group of friends or leave them voice notes for free. 

One of the better parts of using Line is that you get a lot of control over how the app looks on your phone. There are a bunch of themes that you can use to customise the app.


HeyTell. best voice messaging apps 2023

Similar to Voxer, HeyTell is also a walkie-talkie app that lets you connect with your friends and family over voice messages. HeyTell also uses Push-to-Talk to carry out instantaneous voice communication. HeyTell has a bunch of privacy features that you can select to choose who is able to contact you. 

In order to initiate communication with someone, you will have to accept their invitation first. One of the unique features of HeyTell is that it lets you change your voice with a filter while communicating with the other person.

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie. best voice messaging apps 2023

Zello is primarily a Push-to-Talk voice messaging app that also lets users send messages, images, and locations on its platform. The app has a unique hands-free mode that lets you send voice messages while you’re driving. 

Using Zello, you can either talk to a contact privately or join a group voice chat with up to 6,000 users. For workplace and professional teams, Zello is a great app for sending voice alerts.


NuovoTeam. best voice messaging apps 2023

For a more professional setting, NuovoTeam is a great Push-to-talk voice messaging app to connect with your workmates. NuovoTeam makes remote communication more efficient and secure. 

With Android compatibility, you can turn any tablet or smartphone on the platform into a walkie-talkie with NuovoTeam. The app lets you broadcast your voice messages to an audience or simply chat personally with a contact.

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These are the best voice messaging apps in 2023. WhatsApp users will be pleased to know that the platform is working on a new ‘Audio Chats’ feature that will allow users to listen to ongoing conversations within groups and even jump in to contribute as a speaker. This is similar to Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.

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