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Instagram has brought the new voice messaging feature in its DMs

There has been a lot of activity happening around Instagram lately. Recently it launched the feature of “close friends” wherein people can choose whom they want their posts to show. This is useful for those users who don’t want to publicise their posts and want only a handful of people to see them at certain occasions. It’s competitor, Snapchat has also introduced new features to stay at par with it and increase its users to reach more advertisers.

Instagram has also taken steps towards cyber bullying and fake following. In terms of fake following it has told users the steps to evade it. First the user needs to log out of their account and then reset their password and their work would be done.

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Before that it had introduced “Nametags” for people to find friends easily on its site. Under this feature, by the use of name tags one can easily find people related to them. So many unique features it has introduced in the recent past, but this time it has introduced something very common considering it is available in almost every social networking sites. It is the voice-note feature.

Social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp have had a voice messaging feature since long and now it is a very usual means of online communication. But better late than never, the saying goes. Instagram has just introduced its voice messaging feature which can be used in personal chats.

There is a microphone button and a trash button in Instagram chat window. For recording your voice, you need to tap the microphone button and hold it until you record your voice entirely. In case you find the recording unsuitable you can use the trash button to delete it.

Instagram which is the branch of Facebook is known for picture displaying of images and fan following. The voice feature is not quite the insta-thing is what we feel. However, some users who are majorly on Instagram and do communicate with their fans or friends there, they might just want to use this feature.

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