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Best way to organise your apps in any Android smartphone

Too many apps not letting you find your daily used app? Screens get untidy when all your apps are unorganised. Here is how you can organise the apps.

Hunting down your most used app becomes exhausting when apps are scattered everywhere on your phone. There are a few smart ways you can arrange your apps on the screen. Check the guide below for a beautiful and organised screen. Here is the list below.

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Organise them in a folder The first thing you can do is organise them in folders. The best way is to assign the folders according to the usage of the apps. Naming them or putting them in numbers is a great start. Organising them in accordance with their actions is the simplest. Then you can easily tap on the folder you need to open when you need an app. Organising the app in a folder can be done easily in your phone setting.

  • Alphabetical order 

Alphabetical order Putting the apps in alphabetical order is another option for arranging your apps. Alphabets are easier to remember and opening an app with it makes it easier. For example, when you want to open Instagram your reflexes will easily find the alphabet “I”. You can create this alphabetical order folder by going to settings. And then reset the home screen layout. 

  • Using Emoji

Using EmojiEmojis are usually used for expression. But using emoji for assigning the function of the app by using a folder is very creative. For example for music apps like Spotify, you can use the music emoji or the headphone emoji. It will not only look amazing. But it will refresh your screen and look more bright. 

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  • Delete the never use apps 

This is not a trick to organise your apps. But this suggestion can contribute to making your phone look very organised. This will also create a lot of room on your screen. Making it easier to find your apps. Delete all those apps you rarely use. It is a very innovative way to arrange those daily apps. All those unused apps will drain your battery. It will only result in slowing down of apps you use regularly. Uninstall the apps you don’t use today and see the change in your screen and phone habits.

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  • Colour Coding

Colour CodingSome people excel at colour organisational skills. This option is on the list for those who find colour more attractive. For example, app developers always associate their app with a colour. Facebook is blue, Instagram is red/pink, Snapchat is yellow, WhatsApp is green, and so on. For all those colour lovers this is a way of organising the apps that will lighten up the phone. Try this today and let your screen look vibrant.

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