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Buying Guide: 3 Air Purifiers for all types of use

Air Quality in India has gone from poor to bad to worse. The problem is not just one, while most parts of the country choke thanks to the stubble burning in large quantity. There are a lot of other factors that constitute to the rising PM 2.5 levels and unbreathable air. Some of them include constant digging, construction and vehicle smoke in the cities. Factories and industries also spurt a lot of harmful smoke in the air, which keeps the air quality around us in a bad state.

It is highly important to keep the air quality at a breathable level around you. Today we are listing three air purifiers, which will take care of your surroundings at home, in the office and even when you are travelling in your car. Also, it is a good idea to keep a humidifier in the room where you keep the Air purifier, so that the air does not get too dry.

  • Samsung AX3000 (Rs 10,990): Built for small to medium sized room, this air purifier from Samsung has 3 step filtration process. Yes, not only does it look good, but it also cleans well. It can trap ultra-fine particles in it, removes dust from the air and uses activated charcoal to remove odor from the air. Also, you need not worry about changing and buying a new filter every now then. The filter in this Samsung machine can be removed easily, washed and re-inserted for another round. An LED indicator tells you when it is time to clean the filter. The operational buttons are placed on top, so it is easy to manage. Features like low sound operation and child lock are also present on the Samsung AX 3000 air purifier. Over that, it does not consume a lot of power.
  • Dyson Pure Cool Desk (Rs 38,900): We chose this air purifier for the office, because it does look great sitting on your desk. It is a unique air purifier built by Dyson that has a circular design, which regulates air in a larger area. Sitting on your office desk it will keep the air clean around you and the display panel on it, will tell you the air quality level at all times. It comes with a neat remote, too. Also, there is a HEPA as well as activated carbon filter inside it, which manages to eradicate the minutest of particles easily.
  • Kent Magic Car Air Purfier (Rs 7,990): Kent has been producing air purifiers since a long time now and was one of the first to launch a car air Purifier in India. It is a small air purifier which fits easily within any type of car. Keep it on the dashboard, the rear seat or on the middle channel between front two seats, it will start cleaning quickly. The power is driven from the charging cum lighter socket and it has two modes – slow and fast. The HEPA filter inside is efficient to keep the car air quality at its best. This is one gadget you should always have in your car.
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