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Now, turn your AC into an air purifier with Nanoclean AC filters

Now, turn your air conditioner into an air purifier with Nanoclean AC filters

There are a number of gadgets that you need to survive the scorching summer heat. While an air conditioner is the most obvious one that will come to your mind, any home that is...
Dyson Pure Cool Me Gunmetal Copper Front View White BG-min

Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier, V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner and Lightcycle task light...

Dyson has today launched three new products – the Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier, the Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner and the Dyson Lightcycle task light. The products are aimed at markets in...

6 gadgets you didn’t know you need this summer

The summer is back, and so is the scorching heat of the sun. While it may mean vacation for some, others will have to deal with the not so pleasant hot weather. The best...
Dyson air purifier

Dyson launches multifunctional, all year use Pure Hot+Cool air purifier

Today, Dyson has launched an air purifier plus heater that it has been working on for quite some time now. The machine is said to automatically detect airborne particles and gases. And then, it...

Buying Guide: 3 Air Purifiers for all types of use

Air Quality in India has gone from poor to bad to worse. The problem is not just one, while most parts of the country choke thanks to the stubble burning in large quantity. There...
SHARP FP-JC2M-B air purifier

SHARP launched FP-JC2M-B car air purifier in India

Japanese consumer electronics maker SHARP has today expanded its range of products in India by unveiling the FP-JC2M-B Car air purifier. The company claims that the car air purifier cleans the air inside the...


Nubia Red Magic 3S

Nubia Red Magic 3S gaming smartphone review: Great gaming at an...

Gaming centric smartphones seem to be the newest trend that a number of technology companies are flocking to. This year has seen some remarkable...

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How to create a checklist in Excel

How to create a checklist in Excel

Creating a checklist or To-Do list on Microsoft Excel for keeping a track of day to day work is very easy. Most of us use...