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Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier KC-G60M-W Review: An ideal choice to purify your home and keep it natural

Air pollution in India has become a very serious problem and the only way to deal with it is a good air purifier. And it has become a necessity for all of us. There are many causes of air pollution — smoke emitted from motor vehicles, industrial pollution, burning of fossil fuels and so many other reasons contribute to not only polluting the outdoors but indoors, too. Air pollution is proven very harmful to human health and can also be fatal too. We need to protect our loved ones from the falling air quality and the air purifiers in India have become a necessity these days to control the indoor air quality. Looking at all these things Sharp in association with Q-Net has introduced a Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier in India.

The device comes with Sharp’s patented Plasmacluster ion technology, an integrated humidifier, and 7 Intelligent-Detection Mode. The most recent addition to the line-up priced at Rs 97,620 puts it in direct competition with Dyson air purifiers as well as other big companies. Sharp offers to not only purify the indoor air but helps in keeping it that as natural as possible. So, we reviewed the product to know whether it ticks all the boxes in terms of features, performance and reliability. 

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Starting with the design first, Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier KC-G60M-W comes with a state-of-the-art design and is not exactly like other air purification devices as it isn’t small in size. So, the larger the air purifier the more potential it has to cover a bigger space and will vent out more purified air with a powerful fan. Saying that, the Sharp Air Purifier is not too tall and not too wide and you don’t need to make more space for it to be adjusted anywhere in the room. 


Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier

The Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier includes intake vents at the back and it vents out clean air from the front as well as from the top. The control panel is at the top and the display is just below the air vent on the front that shows the air quality in the room. The control panel offers 7 Detection Intelligent modes, which operate automatically when you press the button whereas the humidifier and air purification are controlled according to the air quality of the room. Apart from humidification and air purification, the Sharp air purifier can also control odours and temperature too. In addition to this, there is a motion sensor that can detect movement and starts to work automatically. The operation panel includes a power button, intelligent mode button, haze button, Plasmacluster Ion Spot button, humidification button, mode button, on/off timer button and a display select button with child lock.

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Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier KC-G60M-W Review

The front panel also displays humidity and temperature level in the room, wattage, and timer. There is an indicator for light for Plasmacluster ions, humidify light, odour light, dust light, haze and PM2.5 light. In addition to this, the front panel also indicates the air purity of the room in 7 levels with colour changes.


Sharp claims that its Zensational Air Purifier purifies the indoor air by emitting positive and negative ions, which are present in nature. It has also received certification from 28 global labs verified for safety and efficiency. The device comes with a Plasmacluster Ion technology that can destroy 29 different types of Pathogens (H1N1, MRSA, E.coli, Cladosporium, etc) present in the air and from the surfaces. That is why the Sharp purifiers are rated so highly. The Plasmacluster is Japanese technology that releases positive and negative ions in the air similar to how nature does.

Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier KC-G60M-W Review

Apart from cleansing the air it also works well for, eyes, skin as well as hair. Not only this it can also help in reducing asthma triggers, stop fungal growth and reduce static in the air, as the company suggests.

While the humidifier is ideal for colder months. When the air gets dry and it not only humidifies the air but the pathogens that are present in the air become heavier due to the moisture in the air and they will drop down to the floor. So, this is very beneficial for those who have morning allergy symptoms like congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and coughing. We have been facing this issue since childhood and this air purifier helped us in dealing with the allergy symptoms in the morning and did not get us down and we woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Sharp Qnet Zensational Air Purifier Review

The Sharp Air Purifier comes with an active carbon filter and it also has the HEPA filter. There is a pre-filter that can trap up to 10-micron dust, pet hair, then there is a combination of HEPA filter and activated carbon filter that the company also calls a Panda filter that can eliminate PM 2.5 pollen and other Chemical Fumes & Toxins. As per the company, charges are generated inside the HEPA and the particles are trapped in corners thus not clogging the air path and maintaining efficiency. The pre-filter ensures that the HEPA filter lasts longer and the company claims that it can last up to 10 years, which is replaceable while the deodorising filter and the humidifying filter can also run for about 10 years after opening.

Speaking of the fan speed the KC-G60M-W is noiseless and sometimes we even did not feel that the fan was even running. You would only probably feel it running when the air purifier kicks up when a significant amount of air pollutants are detected in the room and once it cleanses the air it becomes inaudible again. 

This air purifier covers 538.196 sq feet which is a large room size and it ticks all the boxes for an ideal larger-sized bedroom or a living area.


This SHARP-QNET Zensational Air Purifier is a unique combination of Air Purifier with dehumidifying function. It comes with a simplistic design and looks premium too, making this unit a choice for every home as well as low ventilated rooms, basements, laboratories and more to purify the air and maintain ideal moisture indoors. The extra features on this device makes it ideal for homes and thereby saves power, energy, and electricity. If you can afford it, we see no reason to not buy it.


Extremely good performance


Plasmacluster Ion technology can destroy 29 different types of Pathogens


Lack of smart features


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