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How can you use Google assistant to manage your office schedule and work like meetings etc?

You can use your Google assistant more productively for your office or work. Follow the guide below

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The AI technology-powered Google assistant can make our work more efficient. The Google Assistant can help you schedule meetings, take notes, or even command it to answer your calls and video meetings. The internet-based assistant can be put into various activities such as using it for routines so that you don’t miss anything important and also to set reminders. See the below guide 

Set routines and reminders:

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Set routines and reminders:The Google Assistant can be used to set your routine tightly. The omniscient assistant can help you to remind you when is your next appointment or on Monday or maybe tomorrow making you prepare everything in advance. Another option to use Google assistant to increase your productivity is to mark your calendar with important dates on which you have your meetings or appointments. You can also ask the AI about the day how it is going to be, let’s say the weather or your plans for the day so that it does not coincide with your work planned out. Just say, “ok Google schedule a meeting” followed by date and time.

Use it for important phones calls and video meetings:

While you are a handful completely in the zone while working you do not have to move or lift a finger. To increase productivity you can always activate Google assistant with your voice that is set to your voice recognition. For instance, for a phone call, you can say “hey google” call with the name on your contact.  The internet-based phone call command works well when you need to make or answer an important call when your hand is full. You can make use of Google assistance for video meetings, maybe it is for answering your incoming video call by giving a command the video will emerge on your screen directly. You can set a reminder of an important video meeting that you had made. Also commanding Google assistant to make group video calls for that important meeting is very easy.

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Use it to take down notes and make To do list: 

Use it to take down notes and make To do list: By using the Assistance integration with “Google keep on Android” you can make memos of all important things. You command by saying “Hey Google, take a note” followed by the topic you want to make note of.  The note will be saved into Keep and will be available whenever you need it next. Make sure you have the right setting to use this feature. You can do this by setting Keep as your preferred note-taking service on your phone. Go to the Google Home app and tap settings and find “Notes and lists” and select “Google Keep” from the list. 

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IFTTT integration: 

IFTTT integration: IFTTT stands for “If this, then that”. Using the IFTTT feature in Google assistance you can create your command. For example, if you command it is time to wake up then your automated coffee maker turns on. The function works with chains of conditional statements, which are called applets. The IFTTT can connect all your devices to activate your command. 

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