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How can you make Amazon Alexa learn new tricks and commands?

Alexa can do much more than just replying to your questions. Here are the tricks it can perform.

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Alexa is Amazon’s AI-enabled voice assistant that assists you in handling small et subtle tasks in your home and car. Apart from giving answers to your queries, Alexa can do much more. It can solve calculations for you, set timers, do the shopping, and much more. Here are the ways by which you can make Alexa learn tricks.

1) Make profiles for every family member 

You can add multiple people to your Alexa household profile. To know which profile is currently being used, say, “Alexa, which profile is this?” To switch profiles, just say, “Alexa, switch profiles.”

2) Change the wake word

If someone in your room has the name Alexa, you can set another name for the device by choosing among Alexa, Amazon, Computer, or Echo.

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  1. Open the Settings in the Alexa Alexa app,
  2. Choose your Echo device,
  3. Click Wake Word,
  4. Choose one of the 4 names and click Save.

3) Solve quick conversions and math problems 

Alexa can do calculations for you and convert currencies or measurements. You just need to say, “Alexa, 25 times 48” or “Alexa, 20 Dollars to Euros.”

Solve quick conversions and math problems 
Solve quick conversions and math problems

4) Create a sports update

When you speak, “Alexa sports update,” you’ll get news regarding teams you have chosen. Go to the Alexa app > Settings > Sports update. Here you’ll get the option to search and add the desired teams.

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5) Add Alexa skills with your voice 

You can add Skills to Alexa by your voice. However, you need to know the name of the Skill you want to inculcate in Alexa. When you say, “Alexa, enable Lifx”, the skill will be activated.

6) Make calls and send messages 

You can send messages to your contacts by saying, “Alexa, send [Person’s name] a message,” or call them by saying, “Alexa, call [Person’s name].” The message or call will ring the person’s Echo devices as well as the Alexa app.

Make calls and send messages 
Make calls and send messages

7) Use Alexa as an intercom 

The intercom feature offers you direct communication to the Echo devices located around your house. Say, “Alexa, drop in on the living area” and whatever you say will be audible in the living room via the Echo speaker.

8) Order anything from Amazon Prime

You can even order anything that comes with Amazon’s Prime membership. If you want a pizza, just say, “Alexa, order a Dominos pizza”.

9) Settle an argument 

If your friends are quarreling among themselves, Alexa can serve as the perfect decision-maker. Say, “Alexa, flip a coin” to choose between the possibilities of the argument.

Create reminders
Create reminders

10) Create reminders

Alexa can create reminders for your daily small tasks like going to the grocery store at a certain time. You just need to say “Alexa, remind me to stop by the grocery store tomorrow at 3 p.m.” You can recall your reminders by saying, “Alexa, what are my reminders this Thursday?”

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