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Microsoft Windows 10 is right around the corner, here’s what to expect

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We have been eager to get our hands on the full version of Microsoft Windows 10 and on July 29, it will be available to the world for free (mostly). Yes, if you have a legit version of Windows 7 or 8 installed on your PC, laptop or tablet, then you would be able to upgrade to the new version of the most popular PC operating system of all time for free.

We are eager to see some of the new and hot features on the new operating system. That just might bring Windows back in to the game and fetch glory back to the IT giant. Well, we do think if Microsoft plays it right they can again extend their lead over Apple, Google and other operating system providers like they once did. So what are the features one would be able to see in the upcoming PC operating system? Here is the list.

  • Start button makes a comeback: Windows 8 failed miserably amongst the masses as it was a brand new OS. Most things were changed and the basic essence of a Windows OS was missing. Major problem? There was no start button on it. Microsoft Windows 10 will bring back the start button and menu system that will show live tiles on it as well.
  • Hello Cortana: the virtual assistant comes to life on the OS and one can ask her just about anything. She is here to serve and one can use her to search items on the web, book a table or simply to know more about the Windows 10 OS. Sadly, it would not be available in India right away. But, the trials will be on and one can see her coming to your Indian PC screens very soon. Probably within this year.
  • Edge Browser: here is a feature that we have been reading about a lot and what reports tell us is that this is the most powerful web browser by Microsoft till date. The browser should be cross platform ready and one can easily use it to browse and read content on it. It should be light on the resources as well.
  • Appy next: the basic idea behind creating Windows 10 seems to be cross platform/screen existence and collaboration. Mails, galleries, music and other apps should be able to run across all Windows 10 platforms. So that you are always connected to the documents and files at all times. One drive should play an important role here for cloud storage. This is something what Apple has already done with its OS and now is the turn of Microsoft Windows.
  • Gaming Delight: good news for gamers. Microsoft Windows 10 would get the Xbox app on it. This will enable multi-player games to be played across devices and screens. Gamers can play multi-player games with each other no matter on what platform they are playing on. PC players can play games with Xbox gamers and vice-versa.
  • Faster boot times: this is something Microsoft has not been able to do with most of its OS’s. And this is something that Apple excels at. The Windows OS load time has been quite off for most of its versions. However, with Microsoft Windows 10 the users might get faster boot up and quick app load times.
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