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Top 17 Manga apps on iOS and Android (2021)

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Comic books are a good sail through from your free time and can be very interesting as well. Mangas also known as Japanese comic books are some of the top picks by enthusiasts. These comics have an intriguing storyline with vivid photos to get you deeply involved with them. Before the world of Netflix started, these were the still movies with action-packed scenes, dramas or be it comedy, you name it and these comics have it as well. Nowadays finding one is really difficult, but technology to the rescue again. Here are the best free manga apps for you to consider for both iOS and Android in 2021.

Crunchyroll Manga               

The application gets the latest Manga comics directly for Japan for you to enjoy and kill your boredom. From Space Brothers to Attack on Titan, the application covers it all. The official Manga applications roll out updated comics or the new ones as soon as they get released in the market. There are some free books available to download as well but to get the exclusive content you have to pay a little subscription fee.

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Download: iOS, Android

  • VIZ Manga

VIZ Manga

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Hit series like Dragonball, Naruto and some cult classics are readily available in this application. The VIZ Manga allows you to go through the digital catalogue to select from a list of some famous Manga comics. Adding to this, the developers add new comics daily. 

The application has an amazon feature to build your own library and go through comics according to your taste and pace. Further, it lets you download the books so they are available for you to read even when you are offline. You can read free reviews of paid volumes making it easy for you to make decisions if you want to on that comic.

Download: iOS, Android

  • Mangamo


This provides you with all the Manga comics legally and comes directly from the author themselves. You want to ensure that you are buying an original copy of the comic and the authors are getting their cut, try Mangamo. The application has a pretty solid collection of comics for you to read. Some great titles like Attack of the Titans, Immortal Undertaker and more. 

A minimum subscription fee gives you access to 30+ Manga comics legally. The developers add new chapters every week so you never run out of something to read. The subscription also covers no ads or random pop ups to hinder your peaceful reading experience. If you don’t want to register and want to try what you are paying for? Mangano issues one free chapter every 24 hours for you to indulge and get you to the story.

Download: iOS, Android

  • Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump

The application has many popular titles Like Naruto, Dragon Ball and more but the main highlight goes with the name of the application. Shonen Jump is an exclusive manga series with an exciting storyline and action-packed sequel. The application is ideal for Shonen Jump fans out there. The developers let you read 100 chapters every day for free. No worries if you are even more enthusiastic as you can read more than 100 chapters by paying a small subscription fee.

Download: iOS, Android

  • Tachiyomi


One of the most popular options among Manga comic readers. The application is completely free and is an open-source Manga reader. All you have to do is head to the website from the link below, download the application on your Android device, and you are good to go. The application fetches the comic books from services like MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangumi and arranges them in an organised library. 

The built-in reader is simple to use with a colour filter for those late-night readings. The application is completely free with regular updates on board. The only drawback that stands is that the application is not available for iOS users. Otherwise, it is among the best free manga apps available

Download: Android

  • Manga plus

Manga plus

Manga Plus is an official manga comic service run by Shueisha. The application adds the latest comic books in English and Spanish for your interest. The publisher with various creators and artists for ensuring piracy free content for you. The application is available free on both iOS and Android with tons of manga titles to choose from at your fingertips. Manga Plus gives you access to an online community with whom you can share your thoughts and enjoy reading.

Download: iOS, Android

  • MangaToon


Ideal if you are multilingual as the application supports comics in several languages that include English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai making it flexible for readers across the globe. The highlight of the application is that users can upload their self made comics open to the world as well to get a lot of praise. 

Natively the application has a wide range of libraries including comedy, love, horror, romance, and action. With daily addition to it daily it is one of the top picks that you can consider spending your money on. The application is free to download with in-app purchases.

Download: Android, iOS

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  • ComicRack


The application is perfect for Manga lovers with a built-in range of reading tools that help you improve your reading experience. You can set the colours and enhance them according to your taste. Also, the application supports a lot of formats including CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT, PDF, DJVU, and WebComics and is PC compatible. All you have to do is pay a subscription fee and you are open to a series of comic books and hours of fun.

Download: Android

  • INKR comics

INKR comics

A sub-brand of a big manga company, “Manga Rock” is the best free manga apps designer and publisher. The Application revolves around giving a chance to new comic creators and publishers. Users can buy a subscription to open up the world of new artists and publishers. This application is good for people who want to read something new rather than traditional manga comics. 

With topics like action, romance, comedy, horror, drama, isekai, slice of life, sci-fi, and more to choose from you have hours of entertainment with you. The revenue generated by this app is split between content creators and publishers to support them.

Download: iOS, Android

  • Manga Readers

Manga Readers

Available for both iOS and Android, Manga Readers offers you thousands of comics with over 30 sources for you to never run out of books to read. The application has a powerful search tool that lets you find famous topics, comics or precise episodes which you want to read. The application remembers where you left reading and will create an automated bookmark for you. Tired of downloading manga one by one? Use Manga Readers to download 5 simultaneously. Download the app for free and consider buying in-app purchases if you wish.

Download: Android, iOS

  • Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs

With over 20 sources, manga Dogs is easily one of the top picks you can consider. The application has a massive library of manga comics to choose from and the application gives you personal recommendations as well. THe highlight of the application is that it knows the book you are reading and will alert you as soon as the new chapter for the same is available.

Download: iOS, Android

  • Manga Monster

Manga Monster

Available exclusive for iOS users the application consists of over 30,000 manga comics to choose from. It has a decent category with timely new updates of the application as well as new comics. The application is lightweight and feels snappy to use making it one of the best free manga apps. Enjoy your manga reading experience with Manga Monster.

Download: iOS

  • Online Manga Reader

Online Manga Reader

The application is what its name suggests. The Online Manga Reader is a lightweight application that lets you read manga comics online. The application fetches the comics from various different sources and provides them to you in an ever-updating catalogue. Feeling way too silent while reading? The application allows you to play songs while you read your book. Other features include offline download, bookmark, personal library and more. Consider installing the application on your Android phone for free and enjoy some manga comics.

Download: Android

  • Manga Box

Manga Box

Want to read Manga in a traditional way? Consider using Manga Box. It has one of the biggest libraries of books with popular authors across the globe. Additionally, the developers add new content daily to all the genres giving you a lot of options to choose from. There is no customisation or heavy tools to come across, just a simple traditional manga application that you can enjoy.

Download: iOS, Android

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  • Manga Zone

Manga Zone

With over 15,000 comics to choose from this is ideal for people who absolutely love to read manga comics. Manga Zone has a huge library of titles for you to read and is available in English as well. The developers add new chapters instantly after the release and you don’t have to find an English translation for that. Read online or download the comic for later this application is a great choice and the best free manga apps to consider.

Download: iOS, Android

  • ComiXology


ComiXology is an all-rounder application with over a million comics. The application is not only settled till manga but you can find all the genres in one go. If you want to freshen up your mood you can consider reading other comics as well. You can also continue reading from your computer by opening the ComiXology website and logging in. The application is completely free for both iOS and Android with in-app purchases.

Download: iOS, Android

  • WebComics


The application consists of many titles that are fresh and new in the market. These comics are mostly made by people who love manga. The application has a huge variety of comics by people across the globe. You can publish your own magazine here as well to gain some popularity. The application has a big community from where you can talk to other artists and readers.

Download: iOS, Android

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