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Top 7 methods to fix Android screen auto rotate not working issue

Auto-rotate not working on your Android? Here is how to fix it

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One can use the Android auto-rotate feature to utilise the smartphone’s screen completely. But sometimes your Android phone’s auto-rotate doesn’t work when you turn your phone into landscape mode. It becomes very frustrating especially when you are trying to play games or consume multimedia. 

In the case of the game, it will simply crash or show a video that keeps playing in either portrait mode or in a stretched format. If you are facing an Android screen auto rotate not working issue worry not here are a few fixes one can try, which will surely help you out to solve the problem.

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restart Phone

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As we all know, restarting any smart device fixes most of the issues in it. Restarting any smartphone kills all the applications and clears up the memory. Doing this can result in fixing bad system cache, which may be causing this issue as well. This should be the first and basic step of fixing the issue. If the issue is not resolved. Head to the next step.

  • Ensure auto rotation is turned on

Turn on Auto Rotate

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The next step will be to check if this feature is turned on for your mobile. For doing so, swipe down from top to open the Quick setting menu. Check for the Auto-rotate option. If it is turned off, press the icon to turn it on. In some phones, they will be named as portrait or landscape mode. Switching to landscape if in portrait will switch on the auto-rotate option.

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  • Check for rotation settings on the specific application

There are applications available on Playstore that override the current screen orientation from the UI and the orientation in those applications are hidden somewhere in the setting. 

Make sure that any application you are using is not hindering or overwriting screen rotation protocols. If the auto rotation is not working for that specific application try to search for orientation options in the application’s setting. Toggling that one should absolve the issue.

  • Calibrate the phone’s G sensor

Calibrate G sensor

There might be a reason that the G sensor and accelerometer sensor has lost their calibration, which is causing issues with the auto-rotate feature. The smartphone uses these sensors to know if the phone is in landscape mode or in portrait and shifts accordingly. 

To fix this try making 8 in the air while holding the smartphone(refer to the image above). This will fix the calibration issue if any.

  • Uninstall recently installed application

If the issue started to occur after installing or updating a specific application. Try uninstalling them. A bad version of the application or a bad update can cause a bug that may stop auto-rotation. To make sure, try uninstalling any recent add ons to your application library and check if the auto-rotate feature is functioning alright after that.

  • Update your phone

Update Phone

The previous update of android may have or caused some issues or triggered some bug in the UI. To solve it simply check for updates. If any updates are pending, we recommend completing them. 

Smartphone companies notice these minor bugs and address them by giving regular updates. So, it’s important to update your smartphone to the latest version by the company.

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  • Head to the service centre

If none of the solutions worked for you, we advise you to visit the nearest service centre. There are good chances that due to minor falls, water damage or part malfunction the issue has cropped up in your Android smartphone. 

Due to faulty hardware, examples being G sensors, the phone won’t be able to detect when you tilt the phone, resulting in auto-rotation not working for you.

Bonus tip

Bonus Auto Rotate

There is a force screen tilt option if you use the manual navigation buttons on your Android smartphone (not the gestures). Head to the application you want to use in landscape mode. After opening, tilt your screen to see the rotation option in the right corner of your screen(consider the above image for reference). By pressing that it will force landscape the screen of your mobile

These are the top 7 methods to fix the Android screen auto rotate not working issue. One of the methods will surely work for you and you will continue to enjoy your phone experience utilising the screen completely.

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