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Top ways to fix images not getting downloaded from Google Chrome browser?

Are you having trouble downloading images from the Chrome browser? Here are some ways you can fix it.

Google Chrome browser has many functions for its users and it is one the best Web browser to be using the internet from. And downloading images or saving them is one of those good features. But sometimes you may experience broken images or problems of not being able to download images from the Web browser. Here are some ways you can fix images not getting downloaded from the Google Chrome browser. 

Clear cache & cookies, and browsing data:  

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You can try clearing your browsing data, and cache & cookies on Chrome. If you had synced data of your browsing history or all your saved passwords, deleting it on your computers will delete it everywhere it is synced. Here are the steps to clear all your browsing data. 

  • Open Chrome on your computer 
  • Go to the top right corner and click the vertical three-dot icon 
  • Scroll down to more tool from the drop-down window and click on it 
  • A panel will appear now, select clearing browsing data 
  • Choose time range or choose clear all 
  • Tap the Clear data button

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Turning off extension: 

Turning off extension: Another method to fix images not able to download from the Google Chrome browser is by turning off the added extension on your Chrome browser. The below steps will show you how to turn off an extension. 

  • Open the Chrome browser and go to the vertical three-dot icon
  • Click setting and select extension
  • Now on the screen, you will see all the added extensions  
  • Toggle off all the extension 

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Show all image option: Settings 

Show all image option: Settings Another way to fix the image not getting downloaded is making sure the option Show all options are selected.  If the option is not selected the problem might be with this option. Check the steps below to see if the option is selected. 

  • Open Google Chrome browser and go to setting 
  • Now select Privacy and Settings
  • Scroll down to Site settings 
  • And on the Content options 
  • Click to Image and toggle to show all 

Switch on Javascript:  

Turning on the Javascript might help solve the problem of not being able to download images on the Google Chrome browser. Javascript is required for many features to work. Allowing all sites to run Javascript will help with the download. Follow the steps to switch on Javascript. 

  • Open the Chrome browser and select settings 
  • Click the Privacy and settings 
  • Find the Site settings by scrolling down 
  • And with the options Content on the screen click on Java
  • Toggle the Java to on and try downloading the images 

Hopefully, one out of the above will work for you and you will be able to see and download images from your Chrome browser.

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