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Which internet speed tests should you use to test your internet connection at home?

Speed tests tell you more than just the download and upload speeds. These are the best ones to choose from.

Internet speed test applications are one of the most useful software. You don’t need experts or expensive tools to measure your internet’s speed. A reliable speed test application accurately talks about download speed, upload speed, and ping. However, it should not absorb too much bandwidth through background applications and advertisements. The interface should be user-friendly giving a graphical representation of the test results. Lastly, it should be cross-platform so that you can test your internet speed on multiple devices including mobile phones. Here are the top speed tests that give accurate and fast results.

1) Ookla

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Ookla has been the oldest and most-consistent speed tests available on the internet. This website provides every information regarding your network’s speed like accuracy, speed test history, servers to connect to, and an app for speed testing on your smartphone. Ookla regularly adds new features and capabilities such as a video-specific speed test to check if your network can handle 4K video streams etc. You can also run the app on Windows and smart devices like Apple TV. What some users may find irritating on the website are advertisements. These ads inevitably deviate the results of your network’s strength during the test.


Run the speed test on Ookla

2) Fast.com

Fast.com comes with a simplistic interface so that you get as accurate results as possible. This website quite popular among the users as it is owned by Netflix. Fast.com even tells you if your network can stream Netflix at the best resolution without buffering. Thus, this website is preferred by online streamers. However, its oversimplified user interface has a disadvantage as it lacks advanced settings to test the internet speeds. Unlike other websites, Fast.com does not tell, which server you should connect to for the test. However, it’s the first choice of users who want only necessary information related to streaming, downloading, and uploading.


Run the speed test on Fast.com

3) Speedof.me

Speedof.me is also great site to test your internet’s speed and consistency. Just like Ookla, this website gives you a graphical representation of the test to get a better idea of the consistency of your network. The website is quite user-friendly that can easily run on smartphones. You need not download the app to run a speed test. The website is compatible with almost all modern browsers. Speedof.me implements pure web browser capacities like HTML5 and JavaScript. Unlike other websites, it is designed to test the internet connection speed without requiring Flash or Java. Speedof.me uses several automatically chosen test servers located across the globe for reliability.


Run the speed test on Speedof.me

4) Testmy.net

Testmy.net is one of the lightest websites to run the internet speed test. This website runs solely on HTML5 and PHP without needing a third-party application like Flash. As a result, it absorbs minimum bandwidth giving one of the most accurate results. Moreover, you can run this website even on older versions of web browsers. Once you create an account, you can keep your internet speed tests for future reference and comparison. However, beginners may find this website daunting, since it’s not as attractive as other websites on the list. The website allows you to test separately for Download and Upload speeds, too.


Run the speed test on Testmy.net

5) Google Fiber Speedtest

Google’s free Fiber Speedtest is one of the most reliable websites to test the speed of your internet connection. This application is open to all and you don’t need to subscribe to Google’s Fiber service to run the speed test. You get the efficiency and trust of Google giving you accurate results in a matter of seconds. It gives information regarding your download speed, upload speed, and ping data. The website also tells you the server you are connected to. The ‘Learn More’ option compares your current network speed to what you would get on Google Fiber.

Google Fiber Speedtest
Google Fiber Speedtest

Run the speed test on Google Fibre Speedtest

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