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5 reasons you are not getting best speed from your Wi-Fi router and how to fix it Leader: 

Are you facing recurrent slow internet speeds? The problem may be in your router. Here is how to get back high-speed internet.

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Facing slow Wi-Fi speed can be irritating, if you are working or studying from home. Even if you have a high-speed internet connection, you might still be facing problems downloading files or streaming videos. The cause for slow speed is not always related to the server or backend. There may be issues related to your Wi-Fi router as well. Here are the most common router-related reasons for slow internet and their respective solutions.

1) Wrong positioning of Wi-Fi router

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Even with a high-speed internet connection and a decent Wi-Fi router, you may still face slow internet speeds. The problem may be the wrong positioning of your router

SOLUTION: You should always place the router at a higher point like above your wardrobe. You can also experiment while placing the Wi-Fi router at various spots in your house to see where you get the best signal strength. Wi-Fi signals normally pass through walls but get obstructed by metal objects like ovens or refrigerators. Thus you should keep the router away from them for optimal speed.

Positioning of Wi-Fi router
Positioning of Wi-Fi router

2) Your Wi-Fi password may be too weak

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An easy Wi-Fi password may allow your neighbors to gain access to your Wi-Fi. When some else will steal your Wi-Fi connection, you will automatically face slow internet speed issues.

SOLUTION: You should always WPA2 security protocol on your router. This can be set in your router’s settings by entering the router’s IP address in a web browser. The router’s IP address is printed at the back of the router. If you don’t find it there, you can get it by accessing your Wi-Fi network settings on your PC or smartphone. Refer to the router manual as well.

unique password
Your Wi-Fi password may be too weak

3) Improper distribution among multiple users

Your high-speed internet may be shared by multiple users in your family. Certain tasks like downloading video games on the PlayStation Network or Netflix streaming hog up a lot of the internet speed. When the internet speed is not properly distributed, you may face slow speeds.

SOLUTION: Nowadays, routers support technology by which you can distribute equal bandwidth across all devices ensuring your speed does not get bottlenecked when other devices are absorbing the speed. You can also reduce the load on the internet by pausing the video game download or Netflix streaming. You can also set limits on the amount of speed a particular device can use. So that other devices do not face slow internet problems.

Improper distribution among multiple users
Improper distribution among multiple users

4) Your router’s firmware might be obsolete

Updating the router’s software is important for improving its stability, performance, and security.

SOLUTION: Nowadays, routers come with the feature to update automatically. If your router does not have that ability, you will need to install the software updates manually. Every router has a different method to update the software that you can search on a browser. You just need to enter your router’s IP address to access Wi-Fi settings.

Your router's firmware might be obsolete
Your router’s firmware might be obsolete

5) Changing the DNS server

All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use a Domain Name System (DNS) regardless of their internet plans. The DNS translates the complex IP address of servers into easy domain names such as or Usually, the default DNS server provided by ISPs is slow.

SOLUTION: Changing your DNS server can give a significant gain in your internet speed and performance. To change the DNS, open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and search the Private DNS option. You can set it on ‘Automatic’ or manually by hitting Private DNS provider hostname.

Jio will roll out support for 5G network in the country by June 2021
Changing the DNS server

Bonus Tip: You can put a metal foil behind the Wi-Fi router antenas like a wall, the signal will be boosted to the other side and its reach will improve. You can also use Wi-Fi repeater with your router to improve speed around the house.

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