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Try these 15 Google search tricks to make your searching experience better

You can enhance the accuracy of the search results by using these 15 handy Google tricks.

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Google is one of the most intelligent search engines and hence most widely used. No matter how vague your search query is, it tries to give the most accurate results you can expect. But did you know that by using some tricks you can enhance the efficacy and accuracy of the findings and much more? Here is the list of the top 15.

1) Search by Voice

Google allows you to search the content using your voice or speech. If you are browsing on a Google application such as Chrome on a PC, Android, or iOS, just click on the Microphone button and speak what you what to search. Google will display the results after getting the input from you.

2) Search by Image

Besides speech, Google can search using an image. This feature is useful when you don’t know about the context of the image or want to search the related images. On Google Images, just click the Camera button given in the search bar and upload a picture from your system to make an image search.

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Search by Image
Search by Image

3) Search using Keywords

Searching is all about matching the keywords. The more appropriate keywords you feed to the search engine, the more accurate results you get back. For example: “cooking hacks” is better than “what are the hacks for cooking?” as it provides Google to look for the right words without incorporating the avoidable words.

4) Search using Location

Appending the City name or Postal code after your query enables you to make location-specific searches. This overrides the set response of Google to produce results for the location as per your network’s IP address. For example: “shops in New Delhi” or “shops in 110033” gives a list of shops specifically in New Delhi.

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5) Words in the Text + Title, or URL

If you are looking for a webpage on which one term arises in the context of that page and another term shows up elsewhere on the page, such as the title or URL, then you should type the first term followed by intext: followed instantly by the other term.

Example Search: High School intext:Seventh Season

6) Words in the Title

If you wish to get a webpage with specific words contained in the title. They may not necessarily be located next to each other. Just type in allintitle: followed instantly by words or phrases.

Example Search: allintitle:Telephone Matches

7) Search Within a Website

Sometimes you need to search a particular website for content that equates to a certain phrase. Even though the site doesn’t carry a search feature, you can ask Google to search the site for your term. You just have to use the modifier.

Example Search: site:“NASA”

8) A Page That Links to Another Page

If you want to search for all websites that cite an article on their website, use the link: command followed by the name of a webpage. Google will offer you all webpages that link to that official website.

Example Search: link:Wikipedia

9) Similar Words and Synonyms

If you want to include a word in your search and wish to consider the results that have similar words or synonyms. You can do this by using the ~ right in front of the word.

Example Search: “Taxation in India” ~GDP

10) Word Definitions

If you wish to swiftly find the definition of a word or phrase, simply type the define: command. You can also listen to the word’s pronunciation by clicking the megaphone icon.

Search Example: myriad

11) Missing Words

If you forget a word or two from a particular phrase, lyrics, or movie quotes, you are free to use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to assist you to find the missing word in that phrase.

Example Search: 12 Years a *

Missing Words
Missing Words

12) Specific Document Types

If you’re seeking the results that are of a specific kind, you can implement the modifier ‘filetype’:. For example, you may wish to get only PowerPoint presentations related to Taxation in India.

Example Search: Taxation in India” filetype:ppt

13) Drop the suffixes

It is the best practice to fill the base word so that you include relevant webpages. For example, snake and not snakes, park and not parked. However, if you are searching for websites that concentrate on the act of parking, you will need to enter ‘parking’ as it is.

14) Use the minus (-) sign to exclude what you don’t want in your result

If you want a specific word not to be included in your search results, use a minus (-) sign before the word or phrase you don’t expect in your results.

Example: searching for matrix – movies will give you the results that have the keyword matrix alone but will not include any finding that includes matric and movies.

15) Use the “Site” keyword in your search phrase

This is a trick to search within a website. This restricts your search term to only the mentioned website.

Example: searching for technologysite: will look for the term “technology” from the website.

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