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How to Repair Your Corrupted AAC File Format for Mac

Try the following methods.

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The AAC file format has excellent audio quality and performance and is loved by Mac users who use it to store their music, audiobooks, and podcasts. However, these files are prone to corruption, which makes them unplayable. If you need a reliable AAC, WAV, M4A, FLAC, and MP3 repair tool, then Wondershare Repairit for Mac is the only tool you should trust. It will resolve the video downloader plus no audio issue and ensure that your corrupted AAC files get repaired.

Part 1: Why did My AAC Files Got Corrupted?

AAC files are popular because they compress audio without significantly compromising the quality. Like all other files, these are also at risk of corruption. Here are some primary reasons for AAC file corruption:

1.     Improper Conversion

Users try to convert AAC files to common formats, but an inexperienced conversion using ineffectual applications can lead to corruption. AAC files can also get damaged if the conversion is interrupted. Try not to convert your AAC file just because your audio player application does not support that format. Instead, use an application that supports the format, so a conversion is not required.

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2.     Virus Infection

A virus infection can alter the internal structure and file extension of an AAC file. Moreover, viruses and malware interfere with the writing and reading process of your files. These infections make your AAC files unplayable, so it is important for you to keep your anti-virus software updated.

3.     Incompatible Applications

If you are habitual in playing your AAC files with incompatible audio player applications, then your files are at serious risk of corruption. These applications alter and overwrite the file headers while playing the audio, which leads to file data corruption. You should only use applications that support your file format, or you may convert the file.

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4.     Improper Download

There are some websites and applications that have corrupted audio. Downloading AAC files from such faulty sources will give you damaged files. It is also essential to maintain a stable internet connection during downloading because the files can get corrupted if the downloading process is interrupted.

Part 2: How to Use Wondershare Repairit for Mac to Repair Your Corrupted AAC File?

Wondershare Repairit is the best audio repair tool on the web to repair corrupted AAC files because it has the highest success rate offered by any repairing tool. It can fix the corrupted audios on your Mac regardless of what caused the corruption and make them playable. You can use Repairit for all common audio formats, including AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV, and M4A. All of your audios will be repaired in high quality.

Repairit for Mac can repair corrupted audios from different storage devices, including voice recorders, recording software, and shooting apparatus. Since the tool has a user-friendly interface, you can easily follow three simple steps to repair AAC files on your Mac. Here is the three-step guide for file repairing:

Step 1: Upload Corrupted AAC Files

Launch Wondershare Repairit on your Mac and choose the “Audio Repair” option from the left sidebar. Tap the “Add” button to add the corrupted AAC files. When you upload the AAC files, Repairit will show their information, including name, size, and path. You can also remove any unwanted file using the trash icon next to it.

Step 2: Repair Corrupted AAC Files

You are required to click the “Advanced Repair” button to begin the file repairing process. Next, a window will appear asking you to add good sample audios of the same format as the corrupted audios.

Step 3: Save AAC Files on your Mac

Once the repairing process is complete, a “Completed” status will appear to show that the files have been repaired. Click the “Preview” button to preview your AAC file and check its audio quality. If you are satisfied with the results, click “Save” to save the AAC file on your Mac.

Part 3: An Overview of the Other Features of Wondershare Repairit for Mac

Wondershare Repairit for Mac is a unique tool that offers much more than just audio repairing. Here are some other features of this tool that you can benefit from:

1. File Repair

The file repair feature is a blessing because it can fix any kind of file corruption, including unreadable and garbled files. You don’t have to be stressed about distorted document formats or unreadable data anymore. Repairit can perfectly repair PDF, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files without changing the original file. It is compatible with almost all versions of popular file formats.

2. Video Repair

Whether you want to repair corrupted videos of MOV, MP4, WMV, or INSV formats, Repairit can do it all. It supports over 15 common video formats and repairs videos recorded on any device. With the advanced repair feature, you can repair severely damaged videos. The batch video repair feature allows you to fix multiple videos of different formats simultaneously.

3. Photo repair

Wondershare Repairit repairs corrupted photos from any device, including your Mac. It fixes issues such as pixelated photos and grey areas on photos. The option of batch repairing and advanced repair is also available. The tool can repair absolutely any photo format, including JPEG, PNG, NEF, CRW, and many more.

Wrapping Up

As a Mac user, Wondershare Repairit for Mac can help you in many data corruption scenarios. You can use the tool to repair your videos, photos, and files quickly and easily. The tool is professional and secure, so all of your data is completely secure during the repair. Try out Wondershare Repairit on your Mac the next time your AAC file or any other data gets corrupted.

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