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How to take a screenshot on a laptop? Simple 6 ways.

Don't know the key combination to take a screenshot on your laptop? Check out these 6 simple ways.

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Taking a screenshot on your smartphone is a simple process, but it may get confusing trying to do the same on your laptop. Luckily, there are a bunch of in-built tools in both Windows and Macbook laptops that are super accessible and can take a screenshot in no time. In this article, we bring you the 6 simple ways to take a screenshot on a laptop.

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How to take a screenshot on a Windows laptop

There are a bunch of ways to take a screenshot on a Windows laptop. You can either use the ‘print screen’ key or the in-built snipping tool on your Windows laptop. Here are some of the easiest ways you can take a screenshot.

Use the Print Screen key

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PrintScreen Key

The ‘print screen’ key can be found near the backspace and the delete key on your laptop’s keyboard. It may be named ‘prt sc’ on your keyboard. All you need to do is load the screen you want to take a screenshot of, and press the print screen key. Windows will take a quick screenshot which can be previewed and saved on Microsoft Paint or any other image editing software. All you need to do is open MS Paint and press ‘Ctrl +V’ or right-click and select ‘Paste’. You can also carry out the same procedure on a photo editing tool like Photoshop or Pixlr.

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Note: Some laptops may require pressing the Windows key along with the ‘prt sc’ key to take a screenshot. Upon pressing this combination the screenshot will automatically be saved in the Screenshots folder. You can access it by going to File Explorer>Pictures>Screenshots.

Use the Snipping Tool

Use the Snipping Tool

If you’re looking for other ways to take a screenshot, the Snipping Tool can come in quite handy. Simply search ‘Snipping Tool’ in the Windows search bar and once you’ve opened the app, select ‘New’. Select the area on the screen you want to capture. Once you’ve selected the area, the Snipping Tool will open the screenshot on a preview window where you can further edit it. The screenshot can then be saved in whichever format you want.

Use the Snip and Sketch Tool

Use the Snip and Sketch Tool

The ‘Snip and Sketch Tool’ is another in-built app on your Windows laptop that allows you to take a screenshot. It works similar to the snipping tool, with added options of selecting from multiple shapes and the availability of different brushes and colours to edit the screenshot. Once you’re done editing the screenshot, press Ctrl+S to save it.

Use the Xbox Game Bar

Use the Xbox Game Bar 6 ways to take a screenshot on laptop

You can use the Xbox Game Bar on your Windows laptop to record the screen or even take a quick screenshot. Simply launch the Xbox Game Bar and click the Camera icon at the top left corner of your screen. The Xbox Game Bar will take a screenshot and notify you. Click on the notification to access the screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on your Macbook

If you’re using a Macbook, there are a couple of easy ways to take a screenshot of your laptop’s screen. We’ve listed two methods that do not require any third-party app or software.

Use the Screenshot Tool

Use the Screenshot Tool

Your Macbook has a built-in tool to take screenshots and even record the laptop’s screen. All you need to do is select Launchpad>Other>Screenshot or simply press Shift+Command+5. Once the screenshot tool has been launched, all you need to do is select the screenshot option from the toolbar. You can even select a portion of the screen to capture or record the screen. Using other options you can even take a screenshot after a short delay. The screenshot will be saved to your Desktop.

Use Shift+Command combinations

Use Shift+Command combinations to take a screenshot 6 ways

There are a few key combinations that let you take a screenshot on your Macbook. Here are the most important ones.

  • Shift+Command+3 captures your entire screen and saves the image on the Desktop.
  • Shift+Command+4 captures a portion of the screen. You will need to select the screen area before the screenshot is taken.
  • Shift+Command+4+Space will launch a Camera icon. Launch the window you want to take a screenshot of and click on the Camera icon to capture it.
  • Shift+Command+Control+4 saves the screenshot to the clipboard, and it can be pasted on any image editing app or software.

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These are the 6 simple ways of taking a screenshot on your laptop. Apart from these built-in tools, you can also download software like ShareX and SnagIt to take a screenshot on Windows and Macbook respectively. If you want to record the screen on your Windows laptop, you can read our complete guide here

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