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Supermoon tonight: How to click best pictures of the Super Moon/Pink Moon using your smartphone camera?

You don’t need expensive equipment to capture outstanding images of the Super Moon. Here are the tips.

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A Super Moon is a natural phenomenon in which the full moon occurs on a day when it is closest to the earth. The peak illumination is expected to occur tonight i.e. April 26, 2021, at 11.33 PM EDT. As the moon rises above the horizon, it will take a golden pink hue. The event will be visible through the naked eye. However, you may also want to make it memorable by capturing it using your smartphone.

How can you click the best pictures of the pink moon using your smartphone camera?

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To click amazing pictures of the super moon using your smartphone, follow these steps.

Ensure that you get a clear view

No matter how good you are at clicking pictures, you can’t capture the best picture of the super moon unless you get a good view of the moon. You may take the pictures even through your window. But, the window frame does not allow you to freely set the angle. Moreover, your view may get obstructed by trees, walls or a building. For best shots, you should go to your balcony or terrace so that you get a complete view of the moon.

Use a tripod 

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Capturing a moon is different from capturing an object on the ground. While capturing the moon, you have to look up and keep your smartphone facing the moon. Getting a good shot requires at least five clicks. Holding your smartphone at a higher angle may exhaust your energy. This may degrade your performance after each click. To ensure that you get an enhanced image after each click, mount your smartphone on a tripod. This will allow you to freely change the angle to get a perfect shot.

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Use the night mode

Clicking pictures at night using a smartphone is a challenge due to the limited capability of the camera. Nowadays, smartphones feature the night mode that uses advanced algorithms to get outstanding images even in low-light conditions. Once you enable the night mode, keep your smartphone stable to capture sufficient light to produce a bright picture.

Utilise the optical zoom feature to its max

Moon is a distant object that is approximately 384,400 km away from earth. Without using a telescope, it becomes a difficult task to get the details of the moon surface. Without using the zooming capability of a smartphone camera, you get nothing more than a big white spot on the display. Nowadays, smartphones come with a telephoto lens with outstanding zooming capabilities. Some premium smartphone feature up to 30x optical zoom. Expand the zoom to its max but keep the digital zoom limited to avoid tearing of pixels.

Do share the pictures you click tonight in the comments below or on our social channels. We just might feature the best ones.

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