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How to delete an Instagram account?

As we begin, you should know one thing beforehand. Once you deactivate your Instagram account then your profile, pictures, videos, comments would be permanently deleted. You can either temporarily deactivate your account or permanently. We will first teach you the process of permanently deleting your account. To do that follow these steps:

  • After you have logged in with the help of your username and password, go to the ‘Delete your account’ page.
  • The next step would be to mention the reason behind you deleting your account. The reason would come in a few options and you have to select one of them in order to proceed. Note that it is mandatory for you to select an option. Unless you do, you cannot proceed further.
  • After selecting your reason re-enter your password.
  • Finally, the ‘Permanently delete my account’ button will be activated. Click on that and your work should be done.

This above is in the case you want to get rid of your Instagram account forever.

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If you do not want to do that and want to come back to it at a later date, you can also deactivate your account temporarily. In case you see the need to use it in future, but discontinue with it for now you can use this option. For your assistance, therefore, we have enlisted the steps for the same. Follow these steps if you want to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily:

  • Login with your username and password. Click on the icon which lists down options for managing your account.
  • Next, select ‘Edit Profile’.
  • After this click on ‘Temporarily disable my account’ which is situated in the bottom right
  • Now you will find a list of options to answer why you want to delete your account, by selecting any one.
  • The ‘Temporarily Disable Account’ option should be activated now. Click on that and your work is done.

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