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Microsoft is worried on how Facial recognition is being used, brings out guidelines

Microsoft president, Brad Smith listed six key principles that would not only govern work, but also, technology. The backdrop to this is that there have been risks and challenges related to facial recognition technology. The principles which the MS president introduced would help in eliminating this problem. In a new Blog post, he explained these principles in detail which, he said, advocate for legislation and guide technology.

It is going to adopt a means of facial recognition that would aim “to treat all people fairly”. Also, that, it would “document and clearly communicate the capabilities and limitations of facial recognition technology”. Microsoft said that it would make customers incorporate human control in this technology and would affect people “in consequential ways”.

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This facial recognition technology based on human rights would prevent unlawful discrimination on the basis of services, obtain consent when in use, encourage users to provide notice. Furthermore, it would ensure that when the law uses it, it would protect people’s democratic rights. These principles would be very valuable considering that many companies have faced a lot of problems with facial recognition technology. Companies who have sold their technology in some cases have received a lot of criticism. For example, Amazon which sold its Recognition software to law enforcement groups has been criticised by employees, investors and civil rights groups.

The facial recognition technology has been planned to be deployed by focusing on issues such as bias, privacy and mass surveillance. Smith writes, “The facial recognition genie, so to speak, is just emerging from the bottle. Unless we act, we risk waking up five years from now to find that facial recognition services have spread in ways at exacerbate societal issues. By that time, these challenges will be much more difficult to bottle back up.” The principles which Smith built would has been planned to receive feedback by the end of March, 2019.

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