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PUBG Mobile’s Summerland events and reward explained

There are a total of 8 events which have been explained to win reward

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Tencent Games on Monday rolled out the Mysterious Jungle mode on PUBG Mobile. Prior to this, it released a new event called Summerland that is based on the current weather conditions Summers. The latest event brings exciting surprises such as rewards, fun-filled activities within the event. The developers have now explained all the events as well as the rewards of the Summerland event.

According to the company all the events which come under the PUBG Mobile’s Summerland event  have a certain time limit, below is the list of activities that are still available: 

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  • To begin with, the players are only required to complete log-in missions for a chance to win exciting rewards. Each day when the players log-in it increases their chances of winning exciting rewards. The event is now live and will be available until June 4. We have listed down rewards that can be won each day:

Login 1 day:Classic Coupon Scrap 

Login 2 days:Killer Smile – DP2

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Login 3 days:Classic Crate Voucher

Login 4 days:Crate Companion Parachute

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Login 5 days:Supply Crate Coupon

Login 6 days:Classic Crate Voucher

  • The second step is 1-UC Treasure Raid. In this, the players have to spend 1UC to purchase the Treasure Voucher to participate in the Treasure Raid for certain items. You can also purchase the items repeatedly. Once all Treasure Vouchers of an item are sold out, a random player who has purchased the Treasure Vouchers of this item will be selected to win the item. The more you purchase Treasure Vouchers the higher the odds to win because each purchased voucher will grant players 10 BP and 2 AG which is based on luck, however, the more UC a player spends, the higher odds of that player to win. This event will be hosted between the 29th May and 19th June 2020. The Treasure Raid Prize Pool consists of the following exciting items: Yellow Stripes – AKM, Hot Pizza Helmet, Bowknot – SCAR-L, Gold Plated- Kar98K, Space Travel – S686, Regal – M16A4, Drifter – Vector, Witherer – AKM, Time Traveler – M416, Neon Punk (Purple) – M416, Tidal Wave – SCAR-L, Neon Punk (Blue) – UZI, Neon Punk (Blue) – UMP45, Muay Thai Shorts, Summertime Crop Top (Blue), Summertime Hot Pants (Blue), Shark Cover, Neon – AWM, Luau Set, Bad Panda Mask, Chimpanzee Mask, Horse Mask, Angry Teddy Suit, Time Traveler Motorcycle, Nutcracker – Pan, and Bad Disguise Mask.
  • Jungle Adventure is going to be hosted June 1st and June 14 within the Sanhok map. The Hot Air Balloons can be used to search for Totems on the ground. Locating the Totems and interacting with them will grant players a Lost Trunk (each player can only obtain one per match).  It is important to bring the Lost Trunk to the Rainforest Hunt page out of the match to open for random rewards, with an exciting chance to get Totem Fragments. When you collect all the seven Totem Fragments it can then be used to redeem the final reward. The event rewards include Battle Points, Ace Gold, and Summertime Hawaiian Shirt.
  • For online reward, the event will be live from June 4 to June 11. This is a time-consuming event to collect various rewards. In a day one can spend a total of 20 minutes in the game to win corn cover. To win a Corn suit one must spend a total of 30 minutes. On spending 40 minutes in the game the player can win Jungle M416.
  • Another vent is the Lucky Egg which will be hosted from June 12 to June 23. The plates have to complete three missions each day to win Lucky Hammers to smash eggs. To purchase Lucky Hammers one can also spend 30 UC. On completing all the three missions you get a chance to win an extra reward. Remember to make use of all hammers within the time period of the event as they will not be usable post the event period.  The event rewards will be issued via in-game mail plates must make enough space in their mailbox. If players smash 24 and 48 eggs respectively during the event period, they win a chance to get a Batik Top and an Auspicious Touch – Pan.
  • Next comes the Road trip, the event has been extended from June 13 to June 25. The players can invite their 4 friends to join the road trip. On completing a game or killing 5 enemies in Classic Mode the crew members can win Diesel to advance the vehicle. On reaching a   certain distance the players will be awarded rewards. Following rewards will be rewarded during the event- Random Crates (BP, AG, Supply Crate Coupon Scraps, Classic Crate Coupon Scraps), AG, Classic Crate Coupons, Ancestral Tears – QBU (7d), and Jungle Prey Parachute (15d).
  • The  Daily Deal Pack has also been extended from June 17 to July 1st. In this event the are allowed to make purchases such as Daily Packs which contain Classic Coupon Scrap x1, Crate Coupon Scrap x1, and Event Scrap x1. These scraps can be redeemed for corresponding Rainforest-themed outfit rewards on the Event Page. Each player is allowed to redeem only one reward once. Special deals are also available on the purchase of the first Pack. The following rewards can be won: Rewards: Packs (each with Classic Coupon Scrap x1, Supply Crate Coupon Scrap x1, and Event Scrap x1), redeemable rewards (Forest Warrior Headgear, Forest Warrior Set, Leprechaun Hat, Leprechaun Set, Luau Wreath and Luau Set).
  • Last but not least is the Sanhok Relic Hunt is the final event of Summerland which will begin from June 24 and will end on July 6. In this event, the players are required to complete Daily Missions to obtain Mysterious Feather. Also, Treasure Maps can be obtained from random places in matches. Whereas  Mysterious Feathers can be retrieved following the coordinates of Treasure Maps and be brought out of matches, which then can be redeemed for rewards in the Event Page. The following rewards can be won: Rewards: “Jungle Warrior” Title (30d), Sand Dune – SCAR-L (3d), Casual Stroll Set (5d), and Killer Whale Parachute (3d)

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