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PUBG upgraded its anti-cheat measures for who undermine the fair gaming environment: Here are all the details

This update builds upon the existing Spectate Mode and also added a peer review mechanism

These days people are using unfair means to win a game in PUBG Mobile. To put a stop on it, the company has introduced its new anti-cheat measures to prevent cheating and promote fair gameplay. According to the company, the existing Spectate Mode now has a peer review mechanism. Earlier players were able to take unfair advantage of the Spectate Mode by using two devices to locate the enemy players, therefore, gaining an advantage. With the implementation of this new anti-cheat measures, the game server will now be able to determine in real-time if a given player is visible in the view of the game host, using that information to decide whether or not to transmit the location data to spectators. 

The updated Spectating System Upgrade aims to achieve two key improvements:

  • Resolve the use of cheating by manipulating the existing Spectate Mode
  • Further, improve upon Spectate Mode to better identify and eliminate suspicious behaviours elsewhere in the game
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The developers of the game have explained that the Spectating System consists of three separate roles, including the host, game server and spectator. Earlier the cheaters were able to take advantage of Spectate Mode by using multiple devices to pinpoint in-game enemy players and use it to their advantage. But with the implementation of the new mechanism one can determine that if a player is not visible in the view of the host, it will now not transmit the location data of the player to spectators. The method will not only prevent cheating by spectating but also ensures plug-ins will not be able to modify game data, which strongly guarantees security and reliability. In addition, this solution does not affect the experience of users who spectate matches normally.

While introducing the new anti-cheat measures the company said, Through player feedback, they have found out a new cheating method in which one-shot kills players then invert their screen momentarily. The official team immediately went into action and tracked players who have used this cheat. According to the company, more than 10,000 players were found to be using the cheat method and now the PUBG team has put a ban of 10 years for harming the gaming environment. The company says that it is currently working on improving the ability to detect cheating and will continue to take stringent action against the cheaters with a 10-year ban to create a fair gaming environment.

The company also says, “Our team will not show restraint to those who undermine the fair gaming environment and use cheats of this type. PUBG MOBILE Operations Team will continue to work hard to provide the best gaming experience for all players who follow the rules. We ask all players for their support in our continued enforcement. Please respect the rules of the game and play fair.”

This mechanism has been introduced under the ‘Project: Ban Pan’ campaign that was introduced last year at the PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 Fall Split Global Finals. 

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