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9 features of ‘new’ Gmail you must know about

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The way Google comes to our mind when someone says they want to browse the internet, one immediately tends to think of Gmail when somebody says that they are sending an email. It is undoubtedly of the most popular email services today. And this week, it has been revamped to incorporate more features that are likely to make the users experience better.

It is notable, that this is the biggest overhaul that Gmail has got in the last five years. The email service has got a change in design, and with that new features enable users to ‘snooze’ emails and ‘nudges’ them to respond to messages. Over that, for those who love their privacy, Gmail has come up with a ‘Confidential Mode’ that also made headlines a few weeks back. However, the changes in Gmail are being rolled out in a phased manner, so it may take some time before you get to see them.

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Here, we have made a list of new features of Gmail you should know about:

‘Snooze’ emails to read them later

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With the latest overhaul, on hovering over an email in your inbox, you’ll see various email shortcuts including Archive, Delete, Mark as Read, and Snooze. While the first three options were already available in Gmail, Snooze has been added just now. On snoozing an email, it resurfaces again in your inbox later in the day or week, or even next week. Besides this, Gmail now also offers the option of clicking on attachments without opening or scrolling through large conversations.

Access your favourite Google apps via Gmail

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Do you use certain Google apps like Calendar etc? With the latest revamp, Gmail has shortcuts for accessing these apps directly from the email service itself. You would be able to see them on a side panel on the right once you start receiving the new features. With this, users can easily take down notes or add something to Google Calendar without switching tabs or leaving Gmail.

Get a reminder to reply to emails with ‘Nudge’

Do you often forget to reply to emails? You may like this AI-powered feature, if that’s the case. With ‘Nudge’, Gmail will remind users to respond to emails they haven’t replied to or follow up for emails they haven’t got a response for. So don’t feel surprised if Gmail prompts you with text saying “Sent X days ago. Follow up?” or “Received X days ago. Reply?”.

Use ‘Smart Reply’ on web

Anyone who is used to Gmail, would really appreciate the feature of Smart Reply on its app. For those who don’t know, whenever we receive an email on Gmail, the service prompts three replies one can choose from. While this feature has been available on Gmail’s mobile app for almost a year now, it is finally making its way to web now.

Get ‘Risk Warnings’

The email service will now begin warning its users to alert them about any email received from a source that may be potentially risky. If you happen to receive an email that may not be safe to click on, Gmail will display a warning that reads – “”This message seems dangerous” coupled with a ‘Delete Now’ button.

Get notified about important messages

With the overhaul, users can opt to receive high-priority notifications to get alerts about messages that may be important to them. In addition to this, Gmail will also suggest users to unsubscribe from newsletters they don’t engage with. However, these two features will only be available on mobile.

An all new ‘Confidential Mode’

With the Confidential Mode, senders can stop the receiver(s) of the email from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing messages. This mode can prove to be particularly handy if one is sharing sensitive information on email. Furthermore, the mode also gives the sender the option of making an email expire after a certain duration. For more security, one can also use two factor authentication. With that enabled, the recipient will first have to enter a Google generated pass-code that they will receive via SMS to read the email.

Use the ‘Native Offline mode’

This feature will be coming to Gmail in a few more weeks, but it is definitely a much awaited one. With the native offline mode, one can work on up to 90 days old messages on offline mode. They can search for these messages, respond to them, and delete or archive them.

Create a to-do list with ‘Tasks’

Gmail is now adding ‘Tasks’ on web and at the same time, it has launched its Android and iOS apps too. One can use ‘Tasks’ to create tasks and subtasks so that they remember what all needs to be done. The option of adding due dates and notifications further ensure that the user is reminded of everything in his to-do list. One can create a to-do on Tasks simply by dragging and dropping an email from Gmail to Tasks. More over, items from your to do list which have a due date will also automatically appear in your Google Calendar too.

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