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Top must-have security software you must install on your new PC or laptop

What is a nation-state Attack? This is how Microsoft is helping preventing it 

In the past five years, there has been a significant increase in malicious cyber activity. The advent of nation-states using cyber-attacks has led to the emergence of new security threats against which every network...
Pre-installed Android apps have the potential of violating user’s data and privacy: Report

New Android ransomware lures victims via SMS messages pretending to be porn

If you have an Android smartphone, you need to be careful about a new family of ransomware that has been discovered. According to security researchers, the newly-found Android ransomware goes deeper into the handset...

Bitcoin scammers are sending bomb threats to demand ransoms

Spammers have reportedly threatened business, schools and other places with bomb explosions in order to force them to pay Bitcoins. The police is in the countries that have been threatened is being cautious and it...


Nokia 5.4 review

Nokia 5.4 review: Left us with mixed bag of feelings

Nokia 5.4 smartphone, that was launched a few weeks back by HMD Global at a starting price of Rs 13,999, comes with a much...

How To's

How to execute System Restore using the Command Prompt in Windows...

Windows 10 is a highly robust operating system. However, it may still face issues like a file system corruption that may be caused by...