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10 best apps to download for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini

Apple released its new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. Here are the apps you should consider installing first.

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Apple in its California event released a new set of iPhones. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini being small yet strong devices pack a lot of potential in them. Here are some useful and unique apps for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini you must install to increase their productivity and take full advantage of these powerful devices.


Tunity is a lifesaver application if you live in a huge family or watch tv in a room of many people making noise. The application allows users to simply scan the TV screen, and it streams the TV audio straight to your device so you can listen with a pair of headphones. Just connect a wireless or wired headphone to your smartphone and listen to the TV audio directly via your iPhone.

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Download Here

  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy

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Sitting home and gaining knowledge seems impossible. Khan Academy is a non-profitable organization that provides free online educational tools to help students learn. The developer says that being a student just means you have something you’d like to learn more about. 

The application has a lot of explanations related to the specific topics and learning tools according to the subject you prefer to learn. All one has to do is open the application and search for the topic they want to learn and related videos along with MCQ will be available to you for free.

Download Here

  • Mealime


Mealime is a recipe application that lets users enter information about their taste and diet goals if they have any. After this process, the application recommends recipes that correspond to said information. 

Along with some healthy recipes, Mealime also provides a feature to add materials required by you to make food, in an organised grocery list. With these features, it makes Mealime a good meal planner, which will help you plan ahead for what you have to eat.

Download Here

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  • Libby


Libby sounds like a short form of Library and that is what this application is. The application essentially works as an e-library. All one has to do is buy the library card from the application and they can borrow e-book or audiobooks for free. All the borrowed books are automatically retired on their due dates making it an ideal and hassle-free ebook reading application.

Download Here

  • AirDroid


With AirDroid, one can share photos, videos, audio, or any files with your friends and across devices. As long as the devices are in the same WiFi network the AirDroid account on your computer will recognise the account on the other device and vice versa. The next step will be to select the files you want to transfer from the connected devices. The method is completely wireless, all you have to do is install the application on devices you want to share data from and with.

Download Here

  • Insight Timer

Insight Timer

Due to the high stressful life, mental peace is very important nowadays. Insight Timer is for meditation everywhere. It provides guided meditations at various lengths instructed by the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford etc. 

With tons of free meditation tracks and live sessions by professionals, it is a must-have application. One can also join the social community inside the application’s interface to connect to like-minded people and work together.

Download Here

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  • Shazam


It might have happened often that you like the music on the go but couldn’t recognise it. That is where shazam shines. Shazam users can open the app while a song is playing on the radio, in a store, or pretty much anywhere, and the app will provide the name of the song as well as the artist who sings it including all the important related information. The users can connect their Spotify account with the app as well to create an automatic playlist of the songs they found via Shazam.

Download Here

  • Duolingo


Duolingo is one of the leading applications for learning basic phrases and words. It has an interactive interface, which will help you to learn how to read and even write a language properly. 

It also gives goals and motivation to keep you going. Consumers can use Duolingo cross-platform as well making learning a new language easy. The best part about this application is that it is completely free.

Download Here

  • Photomath


Photomath is what its name suggests. It uses your smartphone’s camera to scan the math problem, analyses the information and gives a detailed step-by-step answer and explanation. It covers a range from basic math to calculus and trigonometry. 

The tool works flawlessly in offline mode. Though the functions for the free version are limited one can always go for in-app purchases to experience its full potential.

Download Here

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  •  Night Sky

It is an interesting application for people who love looking at stars or have an interest in planets. The application has several slick AR models that will show the real-time positions of stars above you along with the planets. 

All you have to do is raise your new iPhone towards the sky and move it around to find and identify objects in the sky including star patterns and planet positions. When your phone is down, the interface turns into a compass that points you in the direction of stuff worth looking at. 

Download Here

These are the top 10 apps for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini and will bring the best out of them. Not all the applications on the list are free but we are sure they will not disappoint you. They will help you in your day to day life in one way or the other making your time with your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 mini more productive.

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