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10 best Ways to Fix Google Drive Videos Not Playing or processing

Is your Google Drive not playing or processing videos? Here are some fixes for you.

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The Google ecosystem is quite large with millions of users on it. Its cloud service which is named Drive is one of the most popular and widely used cloud storage across the globe. Consumers use the Drive storage for storing images, documents and videos. It often happens that the users feel like playing the uploaded video natively. 

There is no denying that the native video player of google Drive is buggy and laggy and sometimes glitches out while using. From blank screen to error messages, you might surely have encountered a video player problem on G Drive. Here is how you can fix it.

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Let’s face it, many users use drive links or uploads to share pirated content from either one device to another or share the same with your friends or family. Initially, the content will play as the upload is fresh for the Google updates. But sooner or later either Google will not let you play it or delete the uploaded content. The Google servers use a smart file hashing function to find such content and either ban, block or remove it.

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  • Exceeding max supported resolution

You can indeed upload any file with any format on your Google drive if the available storage for your plan is available. But if you want to play a video more than the supported playback resolution the Drive won’t allow it. The maximum set video resolution supported by Google Drive is 1,920×1,080. To play a higher resolution video you need to download it and play it natively on the system.

  • Large file size

Google Drive is generous enough to let you upload a video with a size up to 5TB (if you have that much available storage). Well, it’s more than enough for most of the users, but are you trying to upload and play a video of more than 5TB? Wow, but don’t do that the Drive won’t let you upload or playback the video. A solution to this can be if you split the video into multiple parts and then upload it one by one.

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  • Video Corrupted

If you face the “Video cannot be played” error there is a chance that the video you are trying to play has been corrupted. Try downloading the file and playing the video offline if that works for you.

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  • Unsupported file type

There are some video file formats that Google Drive does not support. To know the file formats supported, head to the Supported formats tab to check if the file you are trying to play is covered in the list. If the file format is not present we advise you to convert the file format and try again.

  • Try Incognito mode

Sometimes extensions installed on your browser hinders the video playback in Drive natively. To solve this try opening the file in the incognito/private mode, which is supported by most of the latest browsers. The incognito mode disables all the extensions and will eliminate the error caused by any add ons.

  • Open the video in the new tab

Try opening the video in a new tab to do so right-click on the video and press preview. Inside the tab press three-dot on the right top corner and select open in a new window. Try playing the video now to check if the problem persists.

  • Make a copy

Your video file might have been stuck on a bad cache sector and thus resulted in not playing. To solve it right-click on the video file and select make a copy, try playing the copy of the video file to see if your problem is solved.

  • Toggle off block cookies

Open the browser setting and head to the security section. Here you will find settings related to cookies. Ensure that the cookies are enabled(Google Chrome image used for reference)

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  • Sign out of multiple accounts

While Google allows you to sign in to multiple accounts, many users have reported that this creates an issue. To solve it tap on the profile photo on the top right corner, then press sign out.

Bonus Tip

If any of the above processes are not working for you, try using a different browser. There might be some bugs on the current version of the browser, try updating it to see if that solves the playback problem on your Google Drive.

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