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Best ways to fix YouTube comments not showing in a video

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YouTube is one of the biggest websites and apps to consume multimedia content on. The application has been in the market for years. With lots of changes in its years of evolution, there are still times when users face some major issues on the application out of nowhere. One such issue is the YouTube comments not showing on a video. There is no exact reason why this happens but here are some fixes for our readers.

Check Internet connection

The most basic solution to try as soon as you face any issue related to online services. There might be a glitch while a sudden split-second disconnection in the application or website. So this is the first thing you should do. 

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Check the internet connection on the device and other devices if it’s not showing in the current one. Users can also go to to check their internet speed as well. A proper connection with decent speeds is required to load any content of a website.

  • Try Incognito tab

Try Incognito Tab

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If the internet connection is proper, there is a chance your account with which you are logged in has some issue or you need to clear the cache. To eliminate that possibility, try playing the same video in Incognito mode on a smartphone or computer. 

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  • Sign-in with a different account

If the comments do not show up in the above method, there is another way to recheck it by logging in to a different account. Try logging in with another account or ask your family or friends to play the same video and check if they see the comments. 

If the comments are showing up for them and not for only you then it is confirmed that there is some issue with your account. Logout and re-login. Try logging in to your account on some other device and check if the problem persists.

  • Clear Cookies and cache file

Cache files and cookies are saved to make your browsing experience a little faster and better. A small amount of information is saved by the website or application for giving its user a smooth experience. But a bad cache can result in some parts of the website not loading for you. Try cleaning it and see if it makes a difference.

For Android

Hold the application for 2 seconds to discover app info(or similar setting) then head to storage > tap the clear cache option.

Clear Cache in Android

For Web

Step 1 – Select the setting of your Chrome browser from the burger drop-down list.

Step 2 – On the “Privacy and Security” tap on “Clear Browsing data”.

“Privacy and Security” tap on “Clear Browsing data”

Step 4 – On the basic tab select basic options(or advance if one wishes) and click clear data.

Clear data

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  • Try a different browser

There is a possibility that there might be some problem with your current browser or some bug might have stopped comments from showing up. Try using some other browser to confirm the issue. If the comments show up in a different browser, try removing extensions from your primary browser as sometimes extensions specially ad-blockers interfere with websites in a bad way. 

These are some easy steps that will fix your issue of YouTube comments not showing under a video. If none of the above works try contacting YouTube customer support as there might be some issue regarding your account for which the company stopped displaying the comment for you.

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