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15 Google Docs Shortcuts that everyone should know

Google Docs is widely used to manage documents online with many people. Here are some of the best shortcuts.

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Google Docs is widely used for production or personal use. It is an easy way to share a document with colleagues and edit them together. With hundreds of fonts, adding links, images, and drawing features enhances one’s productivity. There are also templates available for its users for a head start. With these features and cross-platform capabilities Google offers this platform completely free to its users. Here are 15 shortcuts that will help you use Docs like a pro.

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These shortcuts come in handy when you need to alter your document. For copying press Ctrl + C, for pasting from the clipboard press Ctrl + V and to cut anything in the document press Ctrl + X in Docs.

  • Paste without formatting

Often it has happened that you copy information from somewhere else and it copies the format of that page as well. To make the pasting process hassle-free one can press Ctrl + Shift + V. This will paste the copied information without following its formatting rules.

  • Undo or Redo

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Making mistakes is common but reverting it is easy. By pressing Ctrl+Z one can undo the action. To do vice versa, the ‘Redo’ option is used and can be activated by pressing Ctrl+Y. There are few actions that cannot be undone or redone in such a case nothing will happen even if you press the shortcut.

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  • Hyperlink

Want to add links in your document which can be redirected? It’s easy, the user can select the text they want to mark and press Ctrl + K. This shortcut is even used to edit the link as well. To open a link press Alt + Enter.

  • Print

Users can print a document directly from the Docs web page or application by connecting a printer to their system and pressing Ctrl + P.

  • Find and replace

This option can be useful if one wants to find a word and replace it with something else. It can be achieved by pressing Ctrl + H. After this a popup will appear on the screen asking from the word you want to search and what should be the replacement of it.

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  • Repeat Action

Performing the same task, again and again, can be very tiring. One can press Ctrl + Y to repeat the previous action performed for overcoming this issue.

  • Bold, Italic and Underline

Typographical emphasis can be used for many purposes in a document. For Bold, you need to press Ctrl + B, for Italic Ctrl + I and Ctrl + U for underlining.

  • Font Size

Font size can be easily altered by selecting the word, line or paragraph one needs to edit. Press Ctrl + Shift + > to increase font size and Ctrl + Shift + < to decrease the same.

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  • Align text 

Text can be aligned either left, right or to the centre. It can be achieved by pressing Ctrl + Shift + L for left,  Ctrl + Shift + R for right and  Ctrl + Shift + E for centre respectively.

  • Insert list 

There are two types of list options available in Google Docs. One is a number list that can be applied by pressing Ctrl+ Shift + 7 and the other option by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8, which will apply a bullet list.

  • View word count

Word count can help in counting pages, words and characters. To use this feature one can press  Ctrl+ Shift + C.

  • Go up or Down on Page

Need to go up or down on the page? There is no need to press direction keys multiple times. Press Fn + Up direction key to go up and  Fn + Down direction key to go down. This method is useful if one does not have the page up or page down key present on their system.

  • Insert Comment

This can be used if the user wants to remember something on the document or want to leave an explanation to other shared participants. It can be achieved by pressing  Ctrl+ Alt + M.

  • Justify Text

If the user feels that the text is going out of their page margin or is not aligned properly one can use Justify. Press Ctrl + Shift + J to justify the selected paragraph. This causes the text to auto-fit to the left and right margins of the slide.

These shortcuts are very easy to use, remember and will come in handy in making a document. These shortcuts will not only save a ton of time but also increase your productivity. The best part about Google Docs is that the document gets saved automatically in your Drive without eating any amount of space.

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