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5 reasons not to install the Windows 11 leaked version/build

These are the reasons why we think you should not be installing the new version of Windows yet.

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Windows 11 will be revealed on June 24 and it is great news for Windows OS lovers. There are rumors spreading around about the leaked version of Windows 11. Before being hasty and installing on your computers consider the below reasons. The beta builds of the upcoming Windows 11 are leaked but be cautious like all beta versions, they can be unstable. Read the reasons below. 

Downloading from Untrusted Source

The first very reason not to install the beta version is, you will be downloading the leaked Widows 11 from an unlicensed source. Moreover, Microsoft has not approved the leaked version and it is unrecognised software. Downloading the leaked version will put you at risk since you will be downloading it from a link found on the web, an unreliable source. The bigger question, you have no guarantee of what will be on the file you will be downloading from the link. 

Risks of bugs in the software 

Another reason you should not consider downloading the leaked version right now and wait for the big reveal on June 24 is the risk of bugs. The beta version has been reviewed as being cumbersome while installing the operating system, which takes an awful amount of time. The risks of containing bugs in the downloaded version are the biggest problem. The bugs can lead your computers to crash and lead to many other problems. Moreover the unofficial Windows 11 available is unfinished software.

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Updates on Windows 10: continue using Windows 10 

Updates on Windows 10: continue using Windows 10You can still use the Windows 10 operating system better than the leaked version of Windows 11. Microsoft also has recently announced that it will support Windows 10 till 2025. So even after the new Windows 11 operating system is released the Windows 10 user will still be receiving many new updates, another reason to stick to Windows 10 for now instead of the leaked beta version.

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No technical support from Microsoft

No technical support from MicrosoftThe beta version of Windows 11 which has been leaked is considered unfinished and unofficial. Any problems faced by you when installing or after installing the leaked version on your system Microsoft will not help or assist you in fixing the problem. The software being unstable from start has not been well received from many technical experts, it may be the risks of viruses or problems in or after installing the version. 

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Possible way of spreading viruses 

As said, the build version of the leaked Windows 11 is 21996.1 is expected to have an overhaul of the Windows 10 interface. There runs a great possibility of an attempt to spread viruses when such a leaked version is floating on the internet. To begin with, there are many complaints reported on the web that many users trying to install the leak are facing the problem “PC can’t run Windows 11”. The error shown on the screen might be a possible virus and forcing the system to install might lead to an outbreak of the virus. So it is advised to be cautious.

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