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Best websites to learn magic tricks from online

Want to learn magic tricks as an extracurricular activity or to work as an entertainer? Here are the top sites you can consider.

Magic is an interesting phenomenon that has experienced so much change in the last 10 years. Many of us feel it’s interesting to know what exactly the illusionist is working on. In order to learn magic one needs to start with the basics. There are quite a few online lessons that are mainly dedicated to show and tell. Irrespective of your level of experience in magic, there are many lessons that will help you start performing magic or teach you how to improve your existing skills. These lessons are provided by well-known magicians who are popular around the world for their skills. Here is a list of the Best websites to learn magic where you can grasp the knowledge of trickery.

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Penn and Teller teach the art of magic - MasterClass

Penn & Teller Teach The Art of Magic is a special lesson that is centred on showing the techniques and trick psychology that are easy to learn. The course involves over 14 different lessons with each lesson having about 12 minutes of intensive lectures. They also offer a downloadable book that offers detailed information showcasing various magic tricks. Some of the tricks will include rope tricks, card magic, coin magic, and cup method for the basics. One can pay Rs 1,295 per month, which will be charged annually and one can access these lessons on any device with an internet connection.

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  • Magic Course on Udemy

Magic Course on Udemy - Best websites to learn magic

Currently, there are more than 1,400 courses running on Udemy not only for magic but many more. The learning platform has tons of courses uniquely designed to teach different tricks. The courses focus on teaching you a wide range of magic techniques that can be used for professional performances or beginners. The best part about Udemy is that one need not pay for any monthly subscription, consumers can pay for each course respectively. From magic tricks to magic poses there are lots of options to choose from. The company also provides courses for free as well.

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  • Magic Lessons on Skillshare.

Magic Lessons on Skillshare - Best websites to learn magic

Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of creative classes taught by experts and professionals to help you learn new skills. The platform offers you more than 35,000+ classes and many of them are free as well. One can also become a teacher after they are skilled enough and can earn according to people interested in your class. One of the best lessons on the site is Taught by Tim Domsky, in which thousands of students have enrolled already to learn new magic tricks and illusions. One can take a Skillshare subscription with a variety of discounts provided by the company.

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  • Superprof


Another in the list of best websites to learn magic from is Supeprof. It is an excellent online portal where one can take tuitions from professional magicians via webcam to nurture your hobby. This platform has many tricks to learn and enhance your magic with the use of coin magic, sleight of hand, and card magic. Using Superprof is easy, just search for the magic tutor that is within your neighbourhood. Consider the distance, price, and level you want and start learning magic at your convenience. One can take webcam lessons from anywhere in the world as well.

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  • Ellusionist


The site teaches you the rudiments of magic. Ellusionist has a lot of magic tricks to teach like move objects without any physical contact, reveal any word or phrase that other people have thought, make a cigarette disappear, guess hidden numbers, and so on, with more than a hundred tricks to select from. The website also has a selection of magic kits for which they provide shipping worldwide. The website is ideal for both beginners and professionals with a subscription fee charged monthly. 

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Take your time to browse these best websites to learn magic and go through some exciting lessons to nurture your skills. Select the availability, prices, interests, lessons involved according to your need and you are good to go. Remember Magic is a skill and the more you practice the better you will get.

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