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Ethernet Vs Wi-Fi 6: What is the difference and which one should you use for a great gaming experience

Wi-Fi 6 seems to be replacing the Ethernet connections. But can Wi-Fi 6 be the best choice for gamers?

Ethernet has been the ideal choice for many gamers, since it provides very low latency. Wi-Fi 6 internet technology has opened many opportunities in the communications field. You might be thinking of upgrading your network and the router to Wi-Fi 6. If you have been using an Ethernet connection, then this decision is even more significant for you. Owing to its ultra-low latency, Wi-Fi 6 is seen as a revolution in online gaming. Till now, the number of participants per game has been a limitation. Wi-Fi 6 soon will turn the dream of have multiple people connected into reality when several gamers will be able to enjoy online gaming together without latency issues. But, can the Wi-Fi 6 completely replace the Ethernet LAN gaming? Let us compare them against each other to find out what’s the right choice for gaming.

What is Ethernet and how fast it is?

Gigabit Ethernet, commonly known as Ethernet is used in large networks and can offer speeds of up to 1Gbps or more. An Ethernet employs Category 5 (Cat5e) Ethernet cords connecting your PC/laptop modem to your router. Some home networks use Cat6e instead, but the cable looks the same at a casual glance. Nowadays, optic fibre cable is used as it allows us to send signals over a much larger distance without requiring a repeater or booster. We also have Ethernet systems capable of offering as high as 10-Gigabit speeds allowing us to carry out tasks like streaming 4K videos and gaming. A 10-Gigabit Ethernet usually needs an advanced Cat6a or Cat7 cable to work. In all the cases the latency is less as it is a cable connected environment.

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What is Ethernet and how fast it is?
What is Ethernet and how fast it is?

Is WiFi 6 faster than the best Ethernet?

Wi-Fi 6 is a revolutionary technology. Older versions of Wi-Fi such as Wi-Fi 5 worked on the half-duplex connection in which you can transfer data only in one direction at one time. As a result, it’s much slower than what the latest Wi-Fi 6 offers. The Wi-Fi 6 generates a full-duplex connection allowing us to send and receive data simultaneously. As a result, there’s no waiting time and we can achieve a maximum bandwidth of up to 9.6Gbps. Wi-Fi 6 technology is designed for IoT (Internet of Things) implementation. Wi-Fi 6 comes along with several new technologies allowing routers to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, hence lowering lag.

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Which one provides a better gaming experience?

Online gaming requires your network to be fast-paced so that data transfer occurs with minimum lag. Every Wi-Fi connection suffers from a high ping issue that may create some amount of lag in the game. This lag has a roll-over effect on the gamer’s reflexes. Although Wi-Fi 6 is much better than the previous Wi-Fi versions. But when it comes to gaming, Wi-Fi 6 also suffers from a small amount of lag. Sine Wi-Fi is a wireless connection, it depends on the orientation of the room and the objects kept inside. Unless you’ve remastered your room and removed all the obstacles between your PC/Laptop and the Wi-Fi 6 router, going for an Ethernet connection is better than the Wi-Fi 6 conenction for gaming.

Which one provides a better gaming experience?
Which one provides a better gaming experience?

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