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Google Maps will get new features for indoor navigation and eco-friendly transportation

The new features will expand the navigation capabilities of the app with an enhanced user interface. Here is the complete list.

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Google announced a set of new features for its web mapping service named Google Maps. The new features include indoor navigation and eco-friendly driving route suggestions. The company may release the features in batches rather than all in a single update. Also, not all features are expected to be available in all countries.

What are the new upcoming features of Google Maps?

The following are the new features of Google Maps that may be released in the upcoming application updates.

Live Augmented Reality

This feature is one of the major announcements regarding the Google Maps updates. Using Live Augmented Reality, the app will provide directions to various places including airports, shopping malls, and transit stations. In the Augmented Reality view, you will see icons indicating the directions. The feature earlier worked only in the outdoor environments. Now, it will show directions in an indoor location consisting of multiple floors.

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New interface for Transport Options

Google Maps will get a new interface for route directions and modes of transportation. The company will turn its tabs view into a scroll view so that users can easily see the details about various transport options. Based on the traffic situations in different cities, Google Maps will prioritise the suitable modes of transportation for each city. The new interface will be available in the next few months.

Optimised Driving Route Suggestions

To make optimise transportation, the Google Map will prioritise different routes as per the fuel consumption. Currently, the application suggests the route with the minimum travelling time. The new update will, by default, recommend the most fuel-efficient route. This feature will be released globally on Android and iOS platforms.

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What are the new upcoming features of Google Maps?
What are the new upcoming features of Google Maps?

Low-emissions Zones Alert

Google is planning to initially release this feature in countries having regulations of emissions like the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. As soon as you enter a low-emission zone, the app will automatically send you an alert to check your vehicle emissions. This feature conforms to the regulations that don’t permit vehicles beyond a certain level of emissions.

Weather and Air Quality information

Weather and air-quality information are searched quite frequently by people who are moving from one place to another. Google Maps will get new layers of air-quality indices in countries like the US, India, Australia, and Australia. These are countries usually have one of the highest values of air quality indices. The weather layer will be added in the Google maps globally on Android and iOS platforms.

Grocery Pickup Tool 

This tool will ensure a fast and hassle-free grocery buying experience. This feature will initially be rolled out in selected grocery shops in selected parts of the world. Using the grocery pickup tool, the users will be able to share their location and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). As a result, the grocer will keep your order ready beforehand saving time and inconvenience.

Google Maps already provides dozens of features that make travel from place to place convenient and fast. The above features will expand the reach of the app to indoor levels and make your travel eco-friendly.

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