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How to correctly use a digital thermometer scanner? A complete guide

Are you using the digital thermometer scanner correctly? See our guide to know what is the correct way to use the device.

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The digital thermometer has made work easier and saves time. Instead of waiting for minutes to get the result like the previous mercury thermometer. Now the digital thermometer scanner can give you instant results. Using the device correctly will give you better readings. Check our guide to correctly use the digital thermometer scanner. 

Scan at the forehead The first correct step to use a digital thermometer scanner is to aim at the forehead properly. If it is not positioned accurately at the forehead it will not give you the right reading. The digital scanner can be used on adults, children, and infants. The digital thermometer scanner is measured with an infrared sensor to check the body temperature. So placing it at the right place on your forehead will give better readings and accuracy. 

  • Use it from a distance

The digital thermometer should be used from a distance for an accurate reading. To get the best result the scanner should aim at the forehead from a minimum distance of 1-2 inches. The device also should not be used near electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones and radios. Avoid dropping the device on the ground to yield the best result.

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  • Making sure the digital thermometer scanner is clean and dry 

The infrared sensor is easily affected by moisture and dirt. So making sure the digital thermometer is clean and dry is another way to get accurate results. To clean the device you can use a thin cloth or cotton with very little water. You can also use medical alcohol to clean the scanner. Wipe the lens first and the body of the thermometer carefully. And make sure before using, the device is dry and clean. 

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  • Using the right functional settings  

Using the right functional settings For optimal readings, you should select the right functional settings. First, check for the temperature unit switch, the button that has the sign °C/F°. Press on it and make sure you have on the switch adjusting your temperature unit. The next step is to press the button on which “Mode”/ “Body”/“Object” is written. Choose these settings to get the best and accurate reading on your digital thermometer scan. The different devices have a different setting name, but these are settings you need to adjust. The temperature unit button and the object reading button need to be put on to the right settings.

  • There should not be any obstructions between body and thermometer/use it on another body part

The digital thermometer is to be used on the optimal body parts. The first step suggested using on the forehead for effectiveness. The device is not effective on the forehead for various reasons. For example, wearing a hat for a long time will not give better results. And also the forehead is exposed to the outside temperature and is easily affected by the outside temperature. For such conditions, it is advised to scan on the wrist or the armpit for optimal reading on your device. Also make sure there are no obstructions between the scanner and the body like clothing, jewelry, etc.

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