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How to reduce your electricity bills this winter season?

Winter is coming, want to save some extra money on your electric bills? Here are few tips you can consider.

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Winter is just a few weeks away and everyone is preparing to pay higher electricity bills. During winters heating solutions are a major electricity hog in your home. The lower the outside temperature goes, the faster your electricity meter runs. Are you also worried about those big bills you receive at the start/end of the month? Well, don’t lose your sleep over it, here are some great ways with which you can reduce your electricity bills this winter season especially if you live in India.

If you have a habit of using a thermostat consider lowering the temperature by one or 2 degrees. This might seem a big deal but you are not required to make your house an ideal habitat to hibernate. Lowering the temperature by 1-2 degrees will result in the reduction of your bill easily by 5-6 per cent.

  • Choose Energy Star certified products.

Nowadays the electric appliances come with energy star ratings, the more stars it gets the more energy it saves. The 5 star rated products can be almost 25% more energy efficient than the standard appliances. If you are planning to buy a new appliance or are willing to change the existing one, consider this as an important checklist. These pieces of equipment might seem a little costly but that cost will be covered once you see lowered electricity bills.

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  • Phantom load

It does not happen often but many appliances take up electricity even if they are switched off, this will not only increase your electricity bill by up to 30% but also damage your electronics. Always consider unplugging the device when not in use. Also, use sleep mode on your screen rather than screen saver, don’t go by the name screensavers don’t really save a lot of electricity.

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  • Use free energy

reduce electricity bill in winter

There are many types of free energy available by nature like solar energy or wind energy. Try to use them as much as possible. Install solar panels on your home or small wind electric system. To support this thought the government also provides almost 30%subsidy in some states for buying a rooftop solar panel. Open your curtains to let the bright sunlight heat up your room naturally.

  • Stay warm without a heater

Instead of using heaters too often try wearing more warm cloth, they will not only keep you warm but you can also wear them outside highlighting your fashion sense. Lower the thermostat to a comfortable temperature in which you can consider wearing some warm clothes. This will save approximately 10% of your electricity bill.

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  • Use ceiling fan

Yes, this might sound like a crazy idea in chilling winters, but there is more to it. Contemplate closing air vents and air leaks in the room. Use a small heater along with a ceiling fan to regulate the heat inside the room. This method will keep you warm as well as save you from holes in your wallet.

  • Shut down appliances when not in use

Consider shutting down your lights or fans when you are not using them as it impacts a lot on your electricity bill. The major culprit among these is a water heater, especially during winters. Think of switching it off once the water has reached the right temperature. Also, winters are the season of festivals and people love to use lights to decorate their homes. In this case, try using LED lights or better some eco-friendly diyas.

That is pretty much it for the be ways to reduce your electricity bills this winter season. If not all, try a few of the mentioned advice. It will surely show an impact on your electricity bills and you will get through this winter season with some savings.

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