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How to remove or clean water from your smartphone’s speaker?

Your smartphone met with a water accident now you hear a muffled voice from the speaker? Here is what you can do.

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It’s in human nature to be clumsy sometimes and many of you might have spilt water on your smartphone. At times, the water might have been trapped inside your smartphone’s speaker, accidentally. Now all you can hear is a muffled sound and that is irritating and painful. Tired of hitting your smartphone again and again to expel the water? Confused about how to remove water from phone speaker? Worry not, here are some steps you can use to clean water from your smartphone’s speaker easily.

Check for built-in feature

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Clear speaker using built in function

Hearing the muffled sound for the first time might have scared you by thinking you might have damaged your phone. In most cases, many phones have some water protection even with no IP rating. As a result, many companies put built-in features for cleaning smartphone’s speakers. For example, in MIUI, it can be found in Setting>Additional Setting>Clear Speaker. Try searching for similar phrases like “clean speaker”, “speaker cleaner”, etc.

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Use third party application

Use third party application for clearing speaker

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If you are not successful in finding any such option, try using a third-party application like Speaker cleaner – Remove water & fix sound. The app will play the sound in such a frequency that the water will eject from your speaker automatically. Install the application and grant permissions. Start the app and run it until you hear a clear sound and don’t see any moisture near the speaker grill (make sure you are not connected to any Bluetooth earphones or speakers during this time).

Let it sit

If none of the above methods work, let the phone sit for a while in a downwards facing position (of the speaker). The water may take time to evaporate or eject from the speaker grill. Just leave the phone at room temperature for 24 hours and see if it fixes the problem. Also, we do not advise keeping the phone in direct sunlight or an extremely hot place in order to achieve this solution as it will damage the internals of your Android smartphone.

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Bonus tip: Use web

Use web to clear speaker of smartphone

If you don’t feel like using any third-party application, we still have a solution for you. Head to Fix My Speakers 🔊 and press the blow button. It is an online solution that works exactly like the application above. Also, use it when away from pets or children as it produces a loud noise, which may disturb them or other people.

These are some simple ways to remove or clean water from your smartphone’s speaker. If none of these features work for you, there are chances that you might have damaged your smartphone and the only way left to fix it is to reach the nearest service centre. There might be the chance that the water has gone deep inside and there will be very little time for you now to get your phone fixed before it is gone forever.

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