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How to unlock your Android phone after forgetting pattern or pin

Locked your Android smartphone and unable to unlock it? Here is how you get back into your device.

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Google has provided tons of features to Safeguard your Android smartphone. Options like pin, password, pattern, face unlock and fingerprint makes your device secure.  What if you are unable to unlock your phone and forget your pin? Yes, it can happen to the best of us. 

This is a well-detailed guide on how to unlock your Android phone after forgetting a pattern or pin. Google has been trying hard to secure its phone, and with no doubt, they are succeeding as well. It is a lot harder to open a newer Android device as compared to an old one.

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Smart Lock

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This feature works only with phones running Android 5.0 or above. If this is not the specification of your smartphone head to the next step it will surely help you. Google introduced the Smart Lock feature to keep your phone unlocked as soon as it is in the range of a known device being using Bluetooth or your home Wi-Fi. 

The phone will automatically unlock if the feature is switched on your smartphone as soon as it connects to a trusted device without entering the passcode. Google has also introduced a feature with which your smartphone’s key will be your smart wearable making it so easy for the users.

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How can you enable it? Follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Open setting 

Security settings

Step 2 – Head to security 

Smart lock

Step 3 – Select Smart Lock

Enable Smart Lock

  • Reset your password

The feature was removed after Android 4.4, so if you are running Android 4.4 or lower, it will be very easy to unlock your Android smartphone. Just input your pattern or pin wrong 5-6 times and a prompt will appear on the screen naming ”Forgot Password”. Tap on the settings, the phone will ask you to log in to your Google Account for verification. 

Once done, the phone will ask you to set a new password or pin. As said above this step won’t be applicable for newer Android phones.

  • Use Find my Device

Find My Device by Google

By this method, you can surely get in to your Android smartphone, but at the cost of getting your smartphone’s data. Yes, everything will be erased. Earlier, Google used to let users change pins directly from the Find my Device feature, but this method had some security flaws and thus the company removed the feature. In case you do not mind losing the data, visit and log in to your respective account. Select the phone from the device list and tap on Erase.

Note – To accomplish this step, the user’s phone should be connected to the internet service.

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  • Factory reset with recovery

This step is a little tricky and should be used only if none of the options above work. You can factory reset your Android Smartphone using Recovery feature. To do that switch off your phone and hold the power key along with the up/down volume key(depending on the mobile you are using). Wait until you see a startup screen on your smartphone then release the button.

Navigate to erase all data and factory reset options and wait for the process to complete. Please note: The same drawback comes with this step as well. All your data from your mobile phone will be deleted. If your phone is protected with Factory Reset Protection(FRP) you might need to log in again via your Google account to switch your Android phone on.

That is all on how to unlock your Android phone after forgetting the pattern or pin. We advise not to use these steps for any other purpose. Also, using these steps are advised for emergency purposes only.

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