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D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 review: Feature-rich uninterrupted service

One of the best internet routers with Wi-Fi 6 and AI capabilities.

D-Link has been a name long associated with computer peripherals including and most commonly with internet routers. They have been upping the ante year on year and the latest from their arsenal is D-Link AX1500 smart router R15, which we got our hands on recently. This is the D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 review that you must read if you are in the market looking for a fast speed Wi-Fi 6 ready internet router.

D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 review: Design

Out of the box, the D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 looks very modern and nice. You rarely come across a white modem, and we have to say this one certainly looks dashing in pearly white colour with a hint of baby blue at the bottom. Honestly, this router seems to be an extraction from a Sci-Fi movie. You get 4 antennas and 4 LED lights upfront to show power, internet, 2.4GHz wireless and 5GHz wireless connectivity.

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There are a lot of vents on the D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 to keep it cool, as the router needs to be on 24×7. swing it around you will get to one node to internet-in, three Ethernet out and a power port. There is no power on/off button on this modem. So if you want to do that, either you unplug the supplied adaptor or switch off/on the main supplies from the wall socket. A WPS button is also given on the rear port panel.


D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 review: Performance

Moving from the design to its performance, this is one of the best internet routers available in the market, which will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can use it as an extender too. It supports over 1,000 Gigabit Ethernet WAN and LAN. With that, users get WPA, WPA 2 and WPA 3 Wi-Fi security on the D-Link AX1500 smart router R15.

Setting up does not require you to be a rocket scientist. You can set it up n 5-10 minutes. Just keep the internet service providers supplied username, password and other credentials handy with you. Download the Eagle Pro AI app and it will take care of most of the things for you. Which incidentally is one of its best features. Yes, the router is AI-ready and one of its capabilities is to provide your devices with fast stress-free signals.

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So how does that work? Well, it is smart, it has two bandwidths 2.4G and 5G and it knows how many devices are connected to each. So, it automatically decides, and load balances each bandwidth stream. For example, there are 3 devices on 5G stream and 1 on 2.4G. Now you are connecting another device, which it knows would want to consume more bandwidth like your mobile phone or a laptop on which you will consume Netflix content. It will automatically move the new device to a free/less congested bandwidth, so you get an uninterrupted signal on all devices.


Over that, the D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 also has smart AI mesh, AI Traffic optimisation as well as AI parental control features. The parental control can be set up using the D-Link admin panel, which can be accessed via the Eagle Pro AI app or by simply typing in the laptop/desktop browser window and inputting the password. Up to 12 profiles/devices can be set up and you are in full control of what your child is consuming. You can block access during bedtime and set a schedule when your young one is able to access the internet on his/her device.

The D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 supports up to 1500Mbps speed, we tested it out with seven devices simultaneously connected on Wi-Fi and one on Ethernet using Act Fibrenet 300Mbps internet plan. Not once did the router give us trouble. The Internet connectivity was smooth all across. Even when the wirelessly connected device is 50 feet away from the router with 2 walls in between, we were able to stream our favourite shows on it effortlessly.

Thanks to Wi-Fi 6 the gaming experience became much better too. The latency on Wi-Fi was low on our gaming system and also there was no packet drop, which we faced on our previous router. So if you are a gamer the D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 is highly recommended. Also, there is guest mode present on the router too. In case you want an external source/person to connect to it, not giving them the password for the primary connection is a good thing. In guest mode, you can set data speed as well as Wi-Fi quality for them.


The D-Link AX1500 smart router R15 can connect up to 128 devices simultaneously, which is a very good thing for the ever-growing household internet eco-system. Everything from the smart doorbell to your smart fridge requires Wi-Fi connectivity. So, this makes up for a future proof choice too. For best connectivity try to place it in the middle of the house, eliminating the need for any repeaters. We tested it out in a 250 square yard diameter and to our surprise, it worked really well, even when you are on a floor above or below it.

Also, users can reduce the Wi-Fi transmission range to reduce any electromagnetic radiation effects and schedule access hours. So at night the Wi-Fi can go off and come back up automatically in the morning. And lastly, it boils down to the price. At Rs 3,099 (on amazon) this Wi-Fi router is a steal. You get so many intelligent AI features and superb Wi-Fi 6 range. This is a great router to own in your household or work area.


Good to look at

Great AI features

Excellent Wi-Fi range and Wi-Fi 6 ready


No power on-off button

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  1. Thanks for the review, Already purchased one and its doing well. had a question ,Can two of these be used in mesh mode ? since the E15 and M15 are not yet available in India yet. or will the D-Link COVR 1100 AC1200 work in mesh mode with this. Thanks Again.


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