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5 Simple Ways to Fix Bank Not Sending OTP or Security Code

Try these 5 easy fixes to receive an OTP on your mobile number.

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Banking services these days require an OTP verification for every mobile transaction. This adds an extra layer of security to the entire process. However, network providers and bank servers can often lag behind and create a lot of unwanted issues. Since an OTP is only good for 10 minutes, receiving it after the window has passed is of no good. In this article, we bring you 5 simple ways to fix the ‘bank not sending OTP or security code’ issue on your smartphone.

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Reset Network Settings

What Happens When you Reset Network Settings on an Android smartphone?

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If you aren’t able to receive an OTP from your bank, the issue could either lie with the bank or your network provider. However, you can reset your phone’s network settings to make sure your phone is not a barrier in this scenario. Performing a network reset on your phone restores the network settings back to their factory settings. It is a quick way of regaining network functionality without wasting too much time patching the issue. A network reset will unpair all your Bluetooth devices, clear saved WiFi passwords and connections, and set all cellular settings to default. To reset network settings go to Settings>System>Advanced>Reset Options>Reset Network Settings. If you still don’t receive an OTP after performing a network reset, the problem may lie with the bank servers or your network provider.

Check your blocklist

Check your blocklist

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It is possible you may have blocked the number that is supposed to send you the OTP. Banks routinely send text messages to their account holders, which some people may confuse with spam since the contact doesn’t have a personalised name. If you routinely add spam senders to your blocklist, you may want to check if you added your bank’s number in there as well. Open the Messages app and go to Settings>Block numbers and spam and check the blocked numbers and messages.

Check if your phone number is registered with your bank account

Did you change your phone number recently? Make sure you update your bank account details accordingly. Your bank sends the OTP to the registered number, and it is important you update this number whenever required. If you recently changed your phone number, immediately change the registered number on your bank account as well.

Check if the bank’s servers are down

Check if the bank’s servers are down. how to fix bank not sending otp

With mobile banking quickly becoming the norm, banks are taking time to adjust to the high demand. You may have noticed that UPI payments take time to go through during high usage hours (typically Saturday night). Bank servers are often working at their maximum capacity and may not be able to handle your request immediately. If you aren’t able to receive an OTP from your bank immediately, wait for the servers to be less busy and then try again.

Check if your network is down

Check if your network is down. how to fix bank not sending otp

If you aren’t able to receive an OTP, the issue may also lie with your network provider. Firstly, you need to check that you are subscribed to an active calling plan. Your network provider may halt your incoming calls and messages if you aren’t subscribed to a plan. Next, you need to check if you are receiving ample network coverage. If not, move to an open area where there is more chance of stronger network reception. Finally, send a test message to your number to check if the messaging services are working fine. This is a sure-shot way of checking if the issue lies with your network provider. If you are certain that your network provider is at fault, try receiving the OTP via your email.

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These are the 5 simple ways to fix the ‘bank not sending OTP or security code’ issue on your smartphone. If none of these fixes works for you, you may want to contact the local branch of your bank for further assistance. If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments!

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