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10 Simple Ways to Fix Camera App Crashing or Not Working on Android mobile

Facing issues with your phone camera? Try these quick fixes.

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Usually, the camera app works seamlessly on all Android devices. However, if you’ve got an old phone you may notice some issues with the camera from time to time. There may be a bunch of reasons why your camera app randomly crashes down or does not start at all. In this article, we bring you 10 simple ways how to fix the ‘Camera app crashing or not working’ issue on an Android smartphone.

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Reboot your device

Restarting your phone can fix hidden glitches and bugs. It is an easy way of fixing minor issues that you’ve never faced before on your phone. In order to restart your phone, hard press the screen lock key and select ‘Restart’ from the power menu.

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Check the camera to see if it’s working. If it isn’t, proceed to the solutions listed below.

Reboot your device

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Check the permissions for the Camera app

It is possible you may have removed certain permissions for the camera app. The camera app on your phone requires certain permissions to function properly. This includes microphone access, files and media access, and phone access. In order to check all the permissions are granted, go to Settings>Apps>Camera>Permissions.

Check the permissions for the Camera app

Force Stop Camera

Using ‘force stop’ terminates all activity of your camera app, be it active or background. When you open the camera app, it will boot again, thereby fixing any issues that may have been preventing it from working. In order to force stop go to Settings>Apps>Camera>Force Stop.

Force Stop Camera

Clear Camera Cache and App Data

Clearing the camera cache will get rid of any temporary files the app may be using for faster functioning. If the cache hasn’t been cleared in a while it can accumulate some corrupted files, leading to the camera app crashing randomly. In order to clear the cache and app data go to Settings>Apps>Camera>Storage>Clear cache/app data.

Clear Camera Cache and App Data. why is my camera not working on android

Check if another app is using the Camera

Your phone camera doesn’t work for two applications at once. You may have noticed this while trying to use the camera in the middle of a video call on WhatsApp or Google Meet. If your camera is being used by another app, you won’t be able to use the main camera app on your phone. Turn off the app using the camera and try again.

Restart your phone in Safe Mode

how to Fix Galaxy S22 Screenshot Not Working Issue

Restarting your phone in Safe Mode limits the activity of third-party apps on your smartphone and only runs the essential system apps on the device. If your camera doesn’t work in Safe Mode either, you can safely conclude that it isn’t because of any of the installed apps on your device. Your next step should be to check the camera hardware.

To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the power button and volume down button. Once the power menu pops up on the screen, press and hold the power icon until the Safe Mode option shows up.

Check camera hardware

The problem with your phone’s camera may not be rooted in any software malfunctions. It is possible that there is some issue with the camera hardware. Luckily, your phone is well-equipped to perform a quick diagnostic check. Samsung users can use the dial code *#0*# to check the hardware of the front and rear cameras. To update camera firmware, dial *#34971539#.

Check for Software Updates

If there are any pending updates to your phone that you’ve been putting off, you may want to install them. Smartphone manufacturers often push patches for known issues with these updates, which may fix your camera app. To check for software updates go to Settings>Software Update.

Check for Software Updates. why is my camera not working on android

Let your phone cool down

Overheating can cause your phone to suspend several important tasks. This may range from the LED flash not working to the camera app crashing altogether. Crashes due to internal temperature are more common when you’re using your phone under direct sunlight, which results in the device warming up. The best thing to do in this scenario is to put your phone down and wait until its temperature drops down to the optimum level.

Perform Factory Reset

If none of the above techniques are able to fix your camera app, you may want to perform a factory reset. Performing a factory reset will clear all the data from your phone and reset the settings to default. This method is advised only when you’ve tried everything else. In order to perform a factory reset go to Settings>General Management>Reset>Factory Data Reset.

Perform Factory Reset. why is my camera not working on android

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my camera app not working?

From overheating to software malfunction, there could be several reasons why your camera app isn’t working. To fix this issue, start by force-stopping the camera app from settings and restarting your device.

How can I reset my camera app on Android?

Resetting the camera settings will only restore any customisations to the default preferences. You can reset camera settings by going to camera settings and selecting ‘Reset Settings’.

Why has my back camera stopped working?

If your camera’s cache has not been cleared in a while, it could result in the camera app crashing from time to time. The back or front camera may also stop working if your phone crosses a certain temperature limit.


These are 10 easy fixes to the ‘Why is my camera not working on Android‘ issue. If you’ve tried all the above-mentioned fixes and the issue still persists, there may be a problem with the camera hardware. In this case, take your phone to the repair centre for further diagnosis.

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