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Bad habits that are reducing the life of your smartphone

We have developed some habits that are not good for our smartphones.

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Smartphones are a very essential part of modern-day life. They are not just tools that we use to connect with people, they are now almost a part of our body. From confidential information to personal chats,  you name it and everything is present on our smartphones. We can not imagine our world with smartphones. But, there are certain bad habits that are reducing the life of your smartphone.

This article is for you if you want to use your smartphone to the fullest. Just follow these hacks/ways and you can improve the life of your phone. 

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Bad charging habits

Believe it or not, most smartphone users have developed a very bad habit of either always plugging the phone into the charger or not plugging it until it dies. If you lie in either of the categories then you are damaging the battery on your device. Batteries at 100% or below 10% are at their most unstable and in a high-pressure state for your smartphone battery.Bad charging habits- improve life of smartphone

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So ideally you should always try to keep the battery between 20%-90% to maximise the lifespan of the battery and hence increase the life of your smartphone.

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Bad habit to use smartphone as a toy

Smartphones in today’s time are more rugged and more durable, but that does not mean they are indestructible. Some have a habit to throw their smartphone to the table, bed, or anywhere when they reach home. This will also degrade the life of your smartphone because inside any device let it be a smartphone, there are a lot of delicate components. Whenever you slam your smartphone onto a table, you might not see any damage on the outside, but the internals might have taken some rough hits. So do not slam your phone on a table, bed, or any surface.

The habit of not cleaning your phone

Think of your phone as your home, would you like it if your home is filled with things that you do not use at all? The answer will be no, right? But we have a bad habit of keeping those apps on our smartphones, which we have not used for ages.habit of not cleaning your phone- ways to improve life of smartphone Keeping extra apps takes up space in your smartphone and it also uses the processing power of the device, resulting in poor battery life and performance. So, you should uninstall all the unnecessary apps on your phone that are taking up space.

Habit to ignore software updates

Admit it, we have all ignored software updates before the internet revolution in India. But now that the internet is available at a very affordable price we should always keep our phones and apps up to date with the latest version available. Habit to ignore software updates- ways to improve life of smartphone- improve life of smartphoneUpdates bring fixes to problems your phone or any app might have and on top of that, you get to experience some new features. Keeping your phone always up to date will help it to last longer.

These were some of the habits that are reducing the life of your smartphone. Change these habits and you should be able to spend more time with your favourite tool that you own.

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