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Best ways to make the Clubhouse experience even better

Clubhouse can be a great platform if you use it correctly. Here is how you can do it.

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Clubhouse has been on Android and iOS devices for a while. The audio only platform allows users to join public or private chat rooms and have to deep dive into the given topic. You can request to be a speaker if you want to share your thoughts and ideas on the topic and build connections. While most people use the clubhouse for time pass and for fun, it can be a great platform to build really useful connections of your interest. This article is about guiding you through the best ways to make the Clubhouse experience even better.

Just follow these simple and easy steps

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Add a good bio

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, Clubhouse is a platform where people do read your bio because it is an audio only platform. So adding a proper bio with your interest is a must, so that visitors can have some information about you.Add a good bio-clubhouse experience

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You should also mention your hobbies and interests. Also, you should add your other social media platforms as well in it so that people may connect with you on other platforms as well.

Invite your contactsInvite contacts-clubhouse experience

Whenever you invite anyone to Clubhouse and they join the platform with your invite, your account will be displayed on the profile of that person. This can be very useful to get some extra exposure on the platform. Since your profile will be displayed on others’ profiles as well then there is a chance that people may follow you as well. But you should be careful while inviting others on the platform, as the number of invites is limited.

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Set profile picture same across all platformsSame profile picture- increase clubhouse followers

You should try to use the same profile picture as you have used on other social media platforms. Using the same profile picture will make it easy for followers to find your profile and in addition to that using the same profile picture makes you look more professional. So just head over to Instagram or Twitter and pick the profile picture that you have used.

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Try to get on stage

Being in the room and just listening to the speakers might increase your followers, but if you try to get to the stage as a speaker then there are more chances for you to be followed by others in the room. Sharing your thoughts with other members in the room will help you to gain more followers as people now know about your thought process and your interest. It also brings the attention of the hosts toward you. So, the next time you join any chat room don’t just sit and listen to others, share your ideas as well.

Become a member of clubs

That’s the main reason for the clubhouse, isn’t it? Joining different clubs and making new contacts. You can join different clubs in the clubhouse sharing the same interests as you. Joining clubs will allow you to get a better connection with your type of people. The clubs that you will join will appear in your profile and everyone can see them. So if you are interested in photography just join any photography club that you like the most or where you have most of your icons and friends.Join clubs- increase followers

Start your own room private room

If you want to host a conversation on any new trendy topic but you don’t have any experience or knowledge to do so, just invite your friends to a private room and practice over there. And as they say “The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle” so it’s better that you learn everything about hosting a room and then go ahead and create a public room. When you have a better stage presence you will get more followers.

Give a proper name to your room

Out of many mistakes that people make while creating a room, one is not giving a proper name to the room. Giving a proper name to the room will attract more audience and will be better for you at the end. You should always give a short and simple name to your chat room and it should be related to the topic. Nobody would like it if you give the “How to make chocolate cake” name to your chat room and then talk about the 5 benefits of the Keto Diet.Give proper name to room- increase clubhouse followers

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