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How to protect yourself from hacking

Hacking is a very common problem in this era, with the following ways you can protect yourself from getting hacked.

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Hacking is a problem that is increasing day by day. Hackers are getting smarter and can hack your phone very easily if you are not careful. In this article, we will show you some of the best ways by which you can protect yourself from getting hacked. These ways are so simple that anyone can follow them and protect their account from hacking. This is how to protect yourself from hacking. 

Just follow these simple steps and you should be able to protect yourself from most of the hacking attacks that you will face.

Use strong password

Using a strong password is a method that everyone knows but they don’t follow at all. The most common passwords are- Password, 123456789, 123456, and many more. These types of passwords are very simple to guess and anyone can take control of your account. So you should always use a strong password. password

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You do not know what a strong password is? A good and strong password consists of more than 8 characters with the use of both uppercase and lowercase letters combined with special characters like “@,#,$, etc” and numbers. The combination of these characters creates a strong password. So, you should use a strong password to save your accounts.

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Don’t fall for Phishing websites

Phishing websites are those websites that look like legit websites but they are not. They are a perfect copy of the original website and it is hard to find any difference in them. The sole purpose of these kinds of websites is to catch the users and steal their data whenever they login into their accounts. Microsoft says 1 million computers are still exposed to Windows security exploit

You must have received some shopping links that give you a flat 90% discount or many crazy deals like this right? Well in almost all the cases those are phishing websites. If you receive these types of messages then you should be careful and check that deal by going to the official website or the app. If you can’t find the same deal on the official website then you should not enter your details on that website.

Use two-factor authentication 

If your password has been compromised then this way can protect your account. You should enable two-factor authentication in all your social media accounts. Two-factor authentication basically sends you an OTP when you log in with your password and you will be able to log in only if you enter the correct OTP sent via SMS. So, even if your password has been compromised it is not possible that the hackers get the OTP that only you will receive.

Use Google security key

If you have an Instagram account or a YouTube Channel with millions of followers then keeping those accounts secure should be a priority in your life. You should enable the 3rd layer of protection on these accounts. One with a super-strong password, the second layer of protection is to use two-factor authentication and the final stage is to use a Google Security key known as the Titan Security Keys. These security keys are just like a pen drive that needs to be connected to the device whenever you want to log in to a new device. So, if the first two-layer of protection fails then there is no chance that the hacker can get his hands on the security key.

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