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Top 4 ways to remove background noise in Zoom video calls

Online meetings can be time-saving and efficient. You can improve its experience by removing background noise, in case you are using Zoom.

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Attending meetings or classes on your phone or laptop is very normal in today’s era. Online meetings have opened the door to get involved in any meeting on the go, but attending the meetings online does come with the cost of background noise. Dogs barking in the street, children playing in the lobby, can be very irritating and inappropriate at times. We have found 4 amazing ways by which you can remove background noise from your end in Zoom Video calls. Check the top ways to remove background noise in Zoom video calls:

Use rooms with furniture carpets and other sound-absorbing materials: 

Have you ever noticed that in an empty room how your sound echoes? Yes, each and every room produces some amount of echo, we might not be able to hear it, but there is some amount of echo in any room. The echo can be reduced if you have a heavy curtain or furniture inside it.

So, you should always try to do meetings in that room of your house which has most of the furniture, carpets and other sound damping materials. The microphones on devices are sensitive and can pick up even the slightest of sound. So, next time whenever you sit for an online meeting, make sure you try this method and see the results.

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Use the Microphone correctly:

Most of the people don’t know where the microphone of their device is placed, so either they end up blocking the mic on their phone or they stay too far from the mic of their laptop. Blocking the mic makes your sound muffle and noisy. The mics on the phones are generally placed at the bottom of the phone and on the top bezel in the case of laptops. So make sure that they are neither blocked nor you are too far from them.

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Additionally, you can also use an external mic if it is available with you, or you can just use any normal pair of earphones. External mic/earphones generally are better than onboard mics on most of the laptops.

Use inbuilt noise reduction tools:

Zoom is a really popular web conferencing tool that is used across the globe. It has many features and one of them is its built-in noise suppression tool.

It reduces the amount of background noise from your end and offers clean and crisp audio.

The only requirement in this is that you should have the latest version of the Zoom desktop app (5.2.0 or newer). 

If you have the latest version then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner.Top 4 ways to remove background noise in Zoom video calls
  2. Then, select the audio option.
  3. Under the suppress background noise menu, you will find 3 stages of audio separation select any one according to your surroundings.Top 4 ways to remove background noise in Zoom video calls

Although it does make your voice a bit robotic. But, it eliminates almost all the irritating background clank from your video.

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Use windows noise suppression tool:

Another way to reduce background noise in Zoom Video calls is this one. Windows also has its own in-built noise suppression tools if you are on Windows 7 or later, then you can also find it in your system. Just follow the steps below to enable noise reduction:

  1. Open hardware and sound option in the control panel.
  2. Under the sound option, click the manage audio devices.Top 4 ways to remove background noise in Zoom video calls
  3. Switch to the recording tab.
  4. Select the microphone being used and click on properties.
  5. You will find a slider that controls the microphone’s sensitivity, reduce it and see if it reduces the noise.
  6. Also, go to the microphone effects option and enable noise reduction and enable acoustic echo cancellation.

This is a very effective way to remove the noise that you are getting in your video calls.

So these were Top 4 ways to remove background noise in Zoom video calls. Try out all the methods and it should get the job done.

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